Wednesday, August 17, 2011

~Funny how something so Simple can make you so Happy~

A wonderful~Beautiful~Super Perfect Good day to my Dear prim Friends..I have had a smile on my face today from the moment I woke up.. Not really sure how that happened other then sometimes the simplist things can make you happy.. I mean just look at those totally beautiful August Lilly's!

Yesterday was one heck of a work day from early morning till early morning. But that's exactly what gave me the smile on my face this morning... even tho my body felt like it had gone threw the ringer a couple times & I didn't fall asleep till 5 this morning... everything went perfectly yesterday which led to my Smile today.

After cleaning I headed off the Rock to my little house in Port Clinton to meet up with the Plumber who fixed my water pipe problems last week. When he left he gave me his # and said call me if you need help around the house so I called him and ask if he would help me trim Trees & he said sure. He arrived here around 5 & we went straight to work. He cut off tree timbs while I trimmed off the access braches to burn and stacked the larger pieces. Then while he was up on the roof he cleaned out my guters taht were growing small Maple Trees and a few other plants..LOL...maybe I should have thrown in a few Herd seeds in the spring and I could have harvested them as we cleaned the gutter!! Then we washed off the siding on the Garage and the house it was amess from all the gutter gunk.....What a total mess we made but in the end we got the majority of the work done...the view is so much nicer and makes a much nicer presentation of the property. I still have tree limbs to cut up and stack today & weeds to trim but I feel so releived that the job was accomplished...... I can't stop smiling... !!
The pile seems so small now but I still have a lot of cutting and stacking to do...but with the beautiful breeze outside today it should be a a nice day to work in the yard...
All I can say is hats off to the Erich the plumber who just happens to be handy at jsut about everything.
The second best part was he only charged me $25 bucks for 4 hours of work.. What a great guy...

After he left I did a quick run to Wall-Mart to pick up a few things and especially some sewing machine needles since I broke mine while I was on the Island & you can't buy sewing machine needles on the Rock..
You ask what in the world would I have my sewing machine on the Island for ..well I got two orders for Rice Bags last week so figured that would be a good project to work on in the evenings so took all my supplies and sewing machine with me...and then broke my needle after sewing only half my bags. it worked out ok I filled the bags that were finished and stitched them closed...

I was in such a happy mood knowing all that work was behind me I set up my machine, popped a CD with 20 movies on it and went to town sewing the rest of the bags I had cut out. I was shocked when I finished I had 80 small bags sewn and 20 large bags sewn and it was 4 in the morning...Yep my creative hours at work... then when I went to bed I had a hard time falling asleep laying there thinking about all the good things that were accomplished and what I wanted to accomplish today...last time I loked at the clock it was 5:10..uggggg... It made for a late start today but it also made for my huge SMILE today!!
All the bags on the sides are finished accept the far top right stack is the 80 to be filled and the center long bags that need filled.. when I finally make it back to Delaware next week I will have them stitched closed, bagged, and ready for delivery..
Yes it was a good day yesterday a very near perfect day!! Now I think I will go make today just a perfect and get the rest of the chore list finished.. I think I will end this day with a long hot soak in the tub to pamper these old worn and tired bones of mine...I might even run the hot water tank cold and really pamper self.

So with that thought I think it's time to go play the roll of landscaper and tree trimmer for the day..sooner I get done the sooner I can soak in that hot tub...

Untill we meet again may your Day be filled with a Smile to match Mine!!



  1. Wow! That's great that you are having such a good day & yesterday sounds like it was super productive!! Kudos to you girl!! :O)

  2. Holy crow, Tonya! I love that you are feeling so much better. :) What a load of work you have done- amazing!
    And I have to agree - those August lilies should make anyone smile. (I did.)
    Have a great rest of your week!

  3. Your lilies are gorgeous Tonya!! Never heard of "August lilies..." Hmmmm... You sound like you're truly on the road to recovery - yikes, that's a lot of stuff to have gotten done! Sometimes, tho, the more you do, the more you wanna do, and the more energy you have. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true!! What, exactly, does one do with all those rice bags??? And you really stuff them with rice??? (Hey - I'm just a dumb crow!!) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. The flowers are beautiful. You sure have been busy. I think you deserve a nice long soak in the tub. Blessings!

  5. Wow, Tonya, you sure did get a lot done! So glad you are feeling better and I agree, those flowers are beautiful!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  6. Wow Tonya, I don't know if I could keep up with you or not. Glad you found such a good handyman to help you. Beautiful lilies.


  7. Morning Tonya...I can feel your shows in your words here.
    So happy for you that you got all that done in a single day (and night I might add - lol)

  8. what a wonderful blog.....!!!!


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