Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Peggy's Easter Forever Tree & Easter Decorations...

A fine Good Eveing to all my dear friends...Thought I would show you where the rest of those pastel Spring Easter Eggs & Carrots went...I created 200, gave away 15, hung 30 on my tree and the rest of them are on Pegs Tree...The pic doesn't show them off very well but you can see the Carrots. So here are a few close ups...

She has an Old pastel Quilt under the tree.

Sign on top Says "Happy Easter"
Bunny's surrounding the Fireplace..
Bunny's on the End Tables..
Bunny's Everywhere....
Then here we have 15 month old Ethan who just learned to get up on the chair by himself. So he decided to help his MiMi & Mommy do dishes....He's one serious little fellow....

Next is a video of him helping..not sure it will work or not but maybe...

Hope you all had a Great Day today! I'm off to create 30 Rice Bags for the Eye Doctor.
Until we meet again may your days be filled with happy Moments!



  1. Hi Tonya,
    The tree looks great, actually the entire house looks so cute! Please share some pictures sometime of her country decorating, I would love to see it! Ethan is so adorable and the video came out just fine.
    Have a wonderful week.

  2. Wow how cool an Easter tree and full size to boot. Cute little bunnies all over.

    Ethan is just too cute. Teach them when they are young.


  3. So pretty and festive Tonya! Thanks for sharing! I want one! ~*~Lisa

  4. Hi Tanya,
    Sorry I'm so late commenting - what a special and cute tree and all the other Easter decorations are too.
    Thanks for the pictures.


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