Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Do You remember when shopping for under garments was simple Sharing Some Humor from my shopping Trip..Health Update

Hi Everyone...I decided tonight to share some humor only us women can understand and appreciate and above all laugh at each other as we remember just such an occasion when you felt the same way I did today while out shopping for new Under garments...!
I remember not so long ago, well actually about 3 years ago I went on just such a shopping trip. I decided it was time to clean out the underware drawer. Now we all have our favorites and somehow they never leave the drawer till they are totally unrecognizable... Blushing yet?
So off I went to the store I went to the lady's dept & I walked out 1/2 an hour later with two packages of 12 pair each of Fruit of the Loom lady's Cotton Briefs. One package of White and one package of colors...Simple!  Note I said Cotton Briefs...Well three years later I made the same dicesion!
After my Doctors appointment I headed for the store. My plan was to walk in go straight to the lady's Under garment section and pick out two new packages of Fruit of the Loom Cotton Briefs..and be on my way...
Now this is where the Humor comes into play.... To start with there are four Display Racks 20 feet long and I'd say 5 1/2 feet tall with choices on both sides....all hanging in cute little plastic bags with a hook to hold them to the display rod...Some were on cardboard holders with hooks that did the same..Some hung seperately on a hanger....1000's of Underware!!!
So I locate the Fruit of the Loom Lady's Cotton Briefs....
Only much to my surprise Briefs are no longer my kind of briefs, you know the ones that fit nicely on the top of your hip...... but instead I found what I call up to the waist granny panties....so on me being short waisted granny panties that reach up to the part of the body that wears that other hard to choose under garment...LOL..

Now comes the difficult part what do they call those panties that fit nicely on your hips...
So I start scanning the racks...I've decided I am going to cherish those two packages I bought to day and care for them so they last me forever...
I'm not old or frugle I simply like comfort.....
I mean Good Heavens how many kinds of Ladies Fruit of the Loom panties can there be...
Well let me tell ya there are a lot...
We got Briefs,
Brief Wardrobe Panty,
Cotton Hipsters,
Stretch Cotton Hipsters,
Boy Cut,
No pantyline Boy Cut,
Cotton High-Rise,
Stretch Cotton High Rise Panty,
Fit for me High Cut Cotton Panty,
Cotton Bakini,
Stretch Cotton Bikini and a few more I can't even remember...
Okay I eleminate the Ganny panty Briefs first..then next comes those High Rise panties cause this lady has short legs and short waist so those high risers were more then hip rise they were between the ganny and above my waist...Ok I am now down to only 6 choices...I'm standing there looking at this huge rack wondering ok how am I going to figure out which ones are going to fit me and be comfortable... I finally decide to take down one package of each lay them out and then remove one pair from each package and this should give me an idea which ones are closest to my last purchase...I am feeling like a total fool standing in the middle of the panty section laying out my selections and proceeding to make some sort of choice with out actually going to the ladies room to beg them to let me try them on... Can't do that...

About that time a store clerk woring in that department comes up to me and says having a hard time deciding what is what and what might fit? She smiles at me and says I can remember when we could walk in the store go grab a package of panties and be on our way... Not any more its High Teck to figure out the right ones...and she giggles and me I just bust out laughing....
I've already been in the store now for at least an hour by this time with my elimanating, laying out, neatly removing one of each and sharing a giggle and laugh with the store clerk... So here we are standing there looking at six neatly lined up Fruit of the loom Lady's Panties. At this point my only option is to hold each pair for inspection and sizing them up to my short legs and short waist.
Bingo... I weed out 3 styles right away...I'm down to Cotton Bikini, Cotton Boy Cut and Cotton Hipsters...
I finally decided that It would be one package of 12 hipsters and one package of 12 Boy Cut... Thank God I have finally made my choices...and its only taken me an hour and half... That is rediculous and especially for me who hates shopping for under garments in the first place... Reason #1 that I buy so many at one time...
When I finally made my choices I thought to myself these things best last me till I die and at least till I reach the age of Depends... then it will be easy just go to the store and pick up a package...hehehe...as I rounded the corner to head to the check out with my choices in my hand what do I pass but the Ladies Depend Section....Imagine they now have a Lady's Depend section...
Oh yes ladies they have over a half a rack with many choices of Depends....Good Lord by the time we reach the age we need depends who can think about making a choice and guess what Ms Tonya burst out with laughter at the thought of having to think about that when the time comes....I hear the Store Clerk close by laugh too.... I know she knew exactly what I was thinking as I stopped to stare at the Depends Choices..and broke into hardy laughter... Have a nice day she says as I walk away....with a little giggle in her tone.
Want to bet she shared this little hour and a half story with someone after she got home and thought of the things that made her giggle or laugh today.... I hope she did cause Laughter is good for the soul....!!

I know I have been missing in action at least Posting but I was getting really tired of feeling like I had nothing to talk about but my year long health issues. I wanted to add some humor to your day!
I hope that my humor made you giggle too... who knows someday you may decide to clean out your drawers and go shopping for new under garments and as you stare at the rack and racks of choices you might think of me and giggle at the funny story I shared with you tonight...

Today was my doctor's appt with the Hand Surgeon and it went well. I loved Dr. Awan...Great sense of humor and very nice... He gave me good news and bad news all of which I was prepared for and expected.
He explained everything in great detail so I understood and I so appreciate that... My diagnoses is
Dupuytren's Contracture in the two middle finger of both hands..worse in the right hand or course my creating hand...No surprise there! My first finger on my right hand has what they call a Triger finger and it had locked in place..that was why It was numb rubbery feeling to me & why I couldn't hold anything & dropped things all the time. Both hands have Carpel Tunnel as well which is why my hands and fingers were so Numb all the time. As the doctor said, add osteoarthritis to all of this and your right hand especially is out of order but fixable. As for the huge lump on your thumb we can fix that too so you can get back the use of your thumb...
Then he said, has anyone explained to you that your Thyroid disease is what made all these issues worse so quickly?  Yes and No ..more or less I read about it and ask my Thyroid surgeon and he varified. Well I am here to tell you that had you not gotten Thyroid disease and had to have it removed you would have gone on living with most of these things and probably adjusted to them slowly for another 5-10 years but losing the use of your right hand is more then likely due to the Thyroid.
 Damn that Thyroid...is all I can say...
So Today he loaded my hand up with Cortizone shots that hurt like the devil and we talked about test he has to run to find exactly what he has to do to correct these problems..then we will make plans to do surgery to correct what we can..but I want you to be completely from the infection due to the thyroid surgery first so we will look towards late fall...so that is the latest update...

Have a Great Day my friends and I'm sorry I haven't been posting lately but I have been keeping up with everyone's Blogs and commenting....

Blessing to all..


  1. Thanks for the giggles..I have the endless search for the a comfortable bra..still haven't found it but that could be a whole post.LoL..Ouch those shots do hurt but after the hurt relief.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. *Giggles* I'm with Amy though...it's the age old search for a decent bra that has me stumped! To make things even more complicated, since I crushed a vertebre a couple years back, I have to be careful how tightly it fits around my back, or that will cause pain from the pressure on my spine.
    Hope you are feeling well today. Blessings

  3. I can SOOOO relate to the underwear shopping, ugh! When I find a style that fits and causes me no grief I stick with it but eventually they tend to quit making a certain one so then we have to start all over:/ So sorry to hear your still having problems, I am as well, I've had severe sciatica and hip pain and for the last couple days headache with fever, sweating like a pig and leaving for HI in only 10 days, good grief! Sending (((hugs)) and healing prayers your way Tonya, it seems for some of us it just never ends:/

  4. Amy and Wendy I may have good News for you. Especially you Wendy. I to can't wear most bras for two reasons. Laytex and the pressure on my shoulders directly affects the pain in my neck due to an old Injury. On a similar shopping trip I was determined to find comfort in a bra & I was successful. Hanes carry's a soft firm but not binding bra, no wires but wide & really supporting even after two years mine are still in good shape. The best part is no pressure on my shoulders or in the back..I love it! You might want to check them out. No name on the tag but if ya want I can take a pic if you're intersted and email it to you...

    Glad I added giggle to your day!!


  5. Yep, I totally have been there! LOL.

  6. Thanks for the giggles! Have a great week, Tonya!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  7. Thank you for the laugh. I hadn't even thought of the times to come. Oh my, by then, my sweet daughter-in-law will be making those decisions for me....oh my.

  8. oh what a funny story about underwear!!! and have you noticed just how expensive those panties are becoming? redonkulous!!! I tried the boy panties once and returned them..they crawl up your butt so far..that all you are doing is picking at your fanny all day..I love how they look on..but once you move..your are history with the biggest "melvin" ever..thats what we call them here...lol..I am glad to hear that they can do surgery on your creative hands so you can be creative still..thank you for the laugh and giggles..I love reading your posts.;)

  9. *Giggles* Oh my goodness!! :) I am so glad to see you here. I have been wondering how you are doing. I hope that your incision is healing well and that you are improving there. :)

    I am sorry that your hand is having troubles. I hope that they can control the pain till surgery.

    About underwear...gotta tell ya your trip to the store cracked me up. I can relate. My biggest problem is that here in our small town we only have a Walmart for that kind of shopping. I went there a while back to get a bra or maybe two. Bra requirements: no under wire ( i have had breast cancer and under wire was forbidden), hooks in front, and cheap. Ok, Walmart now has a brand called Basic or something like that. I find what I want in that brand the right size and everything for $5, yes $5. I had to run so I just grabbed it paid for it and went home. Well...you get what you pay for. I got home put it on and it couldn't even stretch it enough to close it. It barely came to the middle of me on both sides. :( How do they size these things??
    And your depends comments cracked me up. How many woman above age 60 or so care if there are Bikini Depends, Thong Depends, lol Geez, as long as they cover what needs covering and are comfortable. Whose going to want to stand there that long to decide? My goodness :)

    Anyway, I guess I have written a book here. Sorry. Hope you have a great day.

    Take care, Janet W (((hugs)))

  10. Hi! Tonya,

    Omg! I am laughing sooooo hard, not sure if I can type this comment slol. I will never look at the ladies undies department the same again :oD

    Soooo sorry to hear about your hands. Geez girl, that thyroid sure caused some health issues :o( Those shots are painful...ouch! They do work very well though.

    Thanks! for the giggle & take care ok.

    Have a great week!

    Blessings & Hugs mon ami,

  11. hahahahahh love your undies story and you are absolutely right - too many choices. I just found some I liked and the next time I went for them they had quit carrying that type so I had to hunt some all over again grrrrrrr.

    Sure hope your hands get better soon.


  12. That is so funny because I mentioned to Billy last week that I needed new underwear and socks. Well Low and behold he got to go through the delima of which ones to buy. Actually he did good but he had 3 different packages in his hand and was afraid I would find him and see what he was doing and by mistake he put the socks down and ended up buying me 13 pairs of briefs. I wondered when I opened my package on the morning of my BD why he thought I needed 13 pair..well he told me what happened so we just took the 1 package back and got a package of socks. All set now for a while but I am not going to mention that I need some bra's next month when it is our anniv LOL

  13. LOL Tonya I so enjoyed this post. I guess if I wanted to save myself some $$ I'd do what you did. But NOOOO, I choose what I think is best and get home and they're horrible. So back I go at another point. I can't tell you how many un-used briefs I have in storage.
    What a fun storey and I thank you on a day I'm really needing some humor for pain relief. But you know how that goes, right.

    Hope you are getting all the treatment you need for your hands kiddo.


  14. Great post and oh so true about the undies!! I've lost weight and will need to be shopping soon...and I will be thinking about your post while I shopping. LOL...
    Hope you can get the help you need for your hands.

  15. Thank you all for sharing your giggle with me on this post.. I just had to share it with you cause I know e have all been there done tha...Karen turst me I use to do the same but now it is find the righ tones and get lots taht last me several years.. Heck maybe we ought to have a they didn't fit panty swap...
    Cindy I hope as you shop you giggle at the, thought of this silly post cause trust me it will be a total blow to your mind when you discover it now takes an hour of thinking to get a package of panties, janet yes they have Bikini Depends...Opps was all I could think of as I looked at them..an accident waiting to happen...Marlene I hope you never satnd in a panty Isle and not think of this post, Nancy if Billy goes to get you the cood ...be happy it is easier then standing there for an hour and a half deciding...lol..Gina I like th boy cut they don't ride on me the bikini ones are riders for me..then again I got no butt to speak of...lol..and they look good with shorts...Did I leave anyone out...Oh yea janet go for the Hanes Bra I mentioned ealier they are great...

    So glad I made you all smile...I knew you all could relate...Happy under garment shopping my friends plan a day for it...no more in and out..this is a big task!


  16. LOL I just had to come back and see what others said after me. :)

    I like your reply too. Yes I think we should have a undies swap party. That cracks me up.

    Well in a few weeks when we have the money to spare I will be thinking of you as I am in the undie dept of Walmart getting a bra or two...


    Take care, Janet W...

    Oh, the D = Depends. :)

  17. Hey Tonya I sure got a giggle reading your post!! I could just see you laying the underwear out in a row!! Oh the things that use to be so simple! Sounds like you have a good doc to do your surgery. I think you're finally going forward Tonya. Keep holding on and I am keeping you held up in prayer. Hope you can get creative soon. Take care, XOXO Love, Fran.


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