Thursday, June 28, 2012

There's a Stranger In the room!

Hi Everyone..Just thought I would pop in and Say Hi!
Its been forever since I've posted...I really miss everyone...I hope that everyone is enjoying there summer!
Since the old camper was still on the island I've actually been going to the Island, hanging out with all my boater friends. Its been great getting away from all the health issues ....
Its been really hot here in Ohio..the poor Herb, Flower & Veggie gardens have to be watered daily. The grass has already turned even the weeds look dried out.. We need rain really badly...

The kittens have grown & left the shelter of the Shop... they are spending there days running around the yard and playing...they are so cute.. I plan to take Lisa to be fixed very soon. In the meantime I've really enjoyed the kittens..

Last week around 10:30 I was walking out to my shop to get something and close up the door for the night and I see something sitting in the door of the shop.. I thought it was two of the kittens but the closer I got I realized that actually it was two Baby Skunks....Yep two Baby Skunks..Omg they were so cute sitting there. As I got closer they took off running around the building..I haven't seen them since but my Brother came home from work at 11 a few nights ago and he said they were sitting beside the garage.. Neither of us have seen a mother Skunk so I'm wondering if something didn't happen to her and the baby's discovered the steady supply of cat food and moved in on us... Not sure what we will do if they decide to stick around. Skunks aren't naturally agressive animals but if they are startled or frightened they will spray once they are about 8 months old... So they will need to find a new home...

Weve also had two baby Raccoons come up on the porch at night to steal cat food. they aren't afraid of people at all and will stand there and eat right in front of us...So they to will have to find a new home soon...
We will probably have o trap them and then take them to state park and let them go real soon..

I'm feeling much better and it appears that the last round of antibiotics worked. I still have two small open holes in my neck that are finally healing. I think..pray that there are no stitches left to abcess. So hopefully I can finally heal and be done with this piece of my life once and for all...

I have to say I feel so lost..with my hands getting so bad It has become almost impossible for me to work in the shop sanding & painting wood pieces to create gatherings with. I can't hold a needle anymore so I can't sew. I can't hold onto the rags to create Rag Balls either. Its so frustrating...Creating has always been my salvation when all else failed me I could go create something and feel good. I don't know what to do with myself.. I can't clean houses like before and now I can't create.

I'm just hanging in limbo, lost, frustrated, angry, sad & confused about where to take life right now...A huge reason I haven't been posting much lately... 
I so pray that the Ortho Doctor can fix my hands. I still can't beleive they got so bad so quickly... I understand why after seeing the Ortho Doctor but still it seems like it happened over night. My right hand the one I use the most has continued to get worse by the day..even typing has become one fingered and I was a good typest.
 I finally called my friend on the Island and made arrangements to come to the island. Even tho my old Hippie Van Camper is here my friend had a nice Camper right beside it and they told me to stay in it so I had Air so that's what I've been doing.. and hanging with my boater friends when they come to the island on there boats for the weekends.. its been great being around happy people. Being on or near the water has always lifted my spirits and filled me with peace of mind....Good place for me to think threw what is to be next in my life...

Time to take Puddles for a I will bid you all a good Evening...



  1. Hi Tonya,
    Was hoping to hear from you soon. Sorry your hands are giving you so many problems. I'm glad your neck is healing though. I was driving and ended up on a dead end and when I went to turn around I saw about 7 skunks just hanging out on the street and then they started crossing. I decided to back up slowly cause I didn't want to get sprayed! Have a great weekend. Keep cool.

  2. I am praying for you Tonya and I feel so bad for you. I am sure someone will find something to help your hands so you can go back to doing what you enjoy. Good that you can go to the Island and spend time with your friends. Have faith Tonya that something will happen soon for you to get well.

  3. Well gosh darn it all Tonya if it's not one things it's another.
    I AM PRAYING THERE IS RELIEF FOR YOU certainly have gone through so much the past couple years.
    Creating is such a huge thing for you - not only relaxing but as in income. Hopefully the dr. will find something positive for you.

    Oh my goodness babies everywhere...kitties, skunks and raccoon' have a little wild zoo there...could this be your next endeavor? Start a little wild animal kingdom! lol

    Enjoy the lake...sounds like it is the best thing for you right now...we always need to be around friends and laughter.


  4. Oh my, you are getting quite the collection of critters with your outdoor cat food!
    Lean hard on The Lord right now. He is with His children and wants to bless you, even and especially in this time of trial. I'll be praying for you.

  5. Hey Hon. Good to hear from you again. Been thinking about you. Sorry to hear the news about your hands. When God shuts one door He opens another. Wait patiently on Him. Hope you don't get sprayed by the skunks. Take care friend.


  6. Hi Tonya,

    Baby skunks, how cute. And mom had raccoons at her house years ago...they would come up on the back deck and peek in the sliding glass door. :)

    Mom would give them apple butter sandwiches. That is what they liked. lol They are dangerous critters too though. And they can have rabbies. :( Too bad, cause they sure are cute little critters.

    I am glad that your incision is healing up better. Sorry to hear that you are having troubles with your hands. :( I will praying that they will get better.

    Have faith, stay positive. Heavenly Father knows your troubles. He will take care of you. :)

    I hope that you have a great time with your friends. Take care, Janet W ((hugs))

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