Saturday, April 6, 2013

They tore down the Old Barn --Awesome Video of barns & a Story!

I grew up on a farm with Three big Barns. When I moved away to start my own life one of the things I missed most were those old barns. So many memories of the Forts we built in the hay 4-H Sheep I raised in them, feeding & grooming my horses, Milking the cows, gathering eggs, storing hay for winter in them and the quiet strength of those old Barns. They were 100 plus years old when I was a child.
Our old Farm house and all the old barns are long gone and oh how I miss the farm and all the old Barns!
We had the main barn, a huge two story work barn, a huge Chicken coop, a small brewder house for baby chicks, a Pig Barn, two Machinery Sheds, Two corn Cribs, a Milk house & a small barn turned garage.
Threw the years I've found myself driving the country roads, noticing all the old barns thinking about all the memories that lay inside there broken down walls.
Our old barn looked alot like this One Only our Barns were all painted white.

We had an old machinery shed like this one 

Anyway A friend sent this video my way this morning....  between the pictures & the story, a flood of childhood memories danced around in my head of our old barns and why I love taking a drive down country roads checkin out all the old barns, wondering what secrets they hold... 
Take a minute, sit down, relax & enjoy this video...whether you like old barns or not, they provide a great story line and back ground for this video.
Happy Saturday


  1. That sure did hit home!!! what a great video! I wish more people could see and read that. Thank you, Tonya. I loved it!


  2. I couldn't click on your post fast enough when I seen the barn pic Tonya. Even when I was a teenager, I would drive around the country backroads and take pictures of old barns and farmhouses. So many are gone now. They represent hard, honest work, family & community and blessings we receive from both. Bless your heart and your precious memories! ♥Lisa

  3. Wow I grew up on a farm too. We had a dairy farm. Always will be a farm girl.


  4. Hi Tonya, I haven't visited for a while and I must say that I have been missing out. Oh, I love that TV console below . . . if that isn't the cutest idea, I don't know what is.
    It was fun going through some of your posts that I've missed.
    Have a great day.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)


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