Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Creations & an Update on things in my neck of the woods..

Wow...I hang my head..I've been missing much to long...Thought it was time I stopped in and caught up on life in Blogland and let you all know what's been going my way...
I've been creating but not as much as I'd like to.. with everything else going on in my life it seems that my mind gets much to distracted. I sit down to create and I can't seem to pull things together and I get all frustrated with my creative mind..
But I have created a few nice gatherings while fading in and out of creativeness.

Back In the Colonial Days the Pineapple design was a sign of Hospitality so I Created this beautiful Pineapple Pantry Gathering. Its filled with some of my Fresh dried Herbs from my Herb Garden and a beautiful Copper Pineapple punched backing & Wood Pinapple bowls. I really likehow this turned out.

This Darling heavily distressed Black over heartland Blue Spice Drawer Keep turned out perfectly.
I love the heartland Blue peaking out..

This Simple Farmhouse Afternoon Tea & Coffeecake Tray gathering looks and Smells so inviting.

Another Beautiful Open Faced Spice Bottle Cupboard gathering. It smells of all the Fresh Dried Herbs from my Herb garden.

I have really struggled in dealing with my health issues and the limits it's put on my life as I knew it. To the point of breaking down at my Dr's office explaining I simply don't know this person who lives inside this body thus I have no clue what to do with her...That's a scary statement both for me and for my Doctor..but in all honesty I really don't know who I've become..I was an active, fun person who was always on the go, always active, either Cleaning houses, Creating 20 or more gatherings a week or socializing with friends & family.
That person no longer exist and ya want to talk about feeling lost..Just when I seem to get a handle on things along comes something else to trip me up. The most recent trip up comes in the form of yet another Surgery to be scheduled in the near future. The Tumor in my Sinus has grown and now blocks off my tear duct in my right eye. Which is causing pressure from fluid build up behind the eye. Its good to finally understand what causes the Ice Pick stabbing pain in my eye. I'm not looking forward to another surgery. But if I don't have the surgery I will probably lose my eye sight in the right eye...

My back has continued to deteriorate so much that every minute of every days is filled with pain, now its going down my left leg driving me nuts. It wakes me up out of a dead sleep, so I'm tired & sleepy all the time.
The good news is both the test nerve blocks worked so insurance will cover a permnant nerve block for my lower back... Thank god..but sadly the soonest they can get me into surgery to get the nerve block is July 2nd....that's going to be the longest 2 months of my life I think...
If all that isn't enough my last Blood Test showed my Cholestrol has shoot sky high... and my Thyroid numbers are to high again so adjusting my thyroid meds Potassium is running low for the past 3 months...My sugar levels are high one week and low the next.......all of which is steeling away any motovation or energy I might have........its like enough already..alright!

I did finally take a weekend and go have some fun a couple weeks ago. Went to hear my friend John's band play on a Friday night and then went to a Boater Bash on Saturday night...had a great time with my friends and that helped to lift the spirits.

I have been going to Kelley's island for the past 3 weekends and that always makes me smile being on the good to be around all my boater friends...

I spent the last two days cleaning my house and yard in Port Clinton...been months since I've been there and it needed some TLC... much of the things that needed done I couldn't do, so had to find someone to help..
She was a pure blessing helping me get it all done.. The place actually looks great inside and out...for now!

Guess that sums things up here in Ohio....Life goes on!

Until we meet again may your days be filled with sunshine and happy moments!



  1. Hi Tonya, I have just returned to the land of blog myself, even made a new post! I'm so sorry your health problems continue, I know it is so hard to enjoy life with the constant pain and limitations. I wanted to return to work a couple months ago and had a job offer at a diff. Vet. clinic and had to turn it down because I just knew my back problems were going to get in the way *sigh* my son is deploying soon and my DIL and little grandson will be coming home so that will be nice to get to know him a little better:) Please know you are always in my prayers and wish you didn't have to wait so long for this next surgery:(

  2. Oh Tonya - I am so sorry....sending hugs and blessings, and praying that you God will give you strength to deal with these health issues. I think everyone has been having creative burnout lately, so don't feel too bad about that. I do love what you have come up with!

  3. It has been awhile since I've been here and I must say I've missed a lot!
    I love your new creations still have it even though you feel you don' just doesn't happen as often as you like.
    I know pain and I feel for you - I really do. I cringe knowing what you are going through. Glad the nerve blocker will work for you - it did NOT for sad.
    I will be praying for you.

  4. Tonya I'm so sorry things are still going rough for you. Just please hang on and be encouraged. There has to be a light at the end of the tunnel somewhere. I hope they can get all your surgeries scheduled sooner and get you pain free.


    Love your gatherings too.

  5. Bless your heart, Tonya...I am going to add you to prayer list. Hang in there! Glad at least the nerve block worked!


  6. I just love your blue spice drawer keep but didn't see it on Ebay, is it sold already? Hugs to you girlfriend, you are still the talented prim artist I fell in love with!


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