Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Meet Cody the newest member of my family!

Howdy Everyone....
It's Offical after 16 years.....I've fallen in love again with the cutest Puppy since Puddles! Oddly I stepped out of my bounds, although this little guy looks a lot like a Sheltie he's actually an Australian Shepard who happens to look just like Puddles did as a puppy minus a tail. He's going to be bigger then I'm used to but he has plenty of room to run and play here on the farm..lots of kids to play with too....so its cool..

Puddles & I went to meet him tonight and he took to me in a heartbeat and that was all it took to hook me!
I went in to meet him first then we took him outside to meet Puddles and he hid between my legs. Wasn't sure what to think of Puddles at first.

Then Puddles got the scent of him and came closer. Puddles is Blind and Deaf so he only has his scent to guide him. As you can see Cody turned his way but stayed between my feet.
Finally he decided Puddles might be ok buthe still stuck close to me.
He followed Puddles around for a few minutes then he came back by me...as did Puddles.
So I introduced them...
Cody was so curious but a little shy for about 20 minutes then he tried to play with Puddles. Puddles politely informed him he was to old to play  & gave him the I am an adult Dog little boy behave yourself...Of course Vicci and I cracked up knowing Puddles is harmless but he put Cody in his place on the spot.

Cody's 2 1/2 months old, Crate trained, almost totally potty trained, Smart as a whip & I'm sure he's gona give me a run for my money with all his energy..but it will do me good to focus on such a cute bundle of fun..
He did wondeful in the van on the drive home...something I was really happy about since I travel so much.

I think Cody is going to be good for me and my little family! I know all the kids here will be delighted to have a puppy to play with...I think Cody will be good for Puddles too, as they grow to know each other..Puddles will have the scent of Cody to help him along when they are outside.

Ms Tonya is a happy lady tonight...I can't wait to get him outside to play tomorrow..

With that I will bid you all a good night...

Warm Blessing to all..................Tonya


  1. Oh my goodness Tanya these pictures makes you want to reach right in and cuddle him...he's just precious.

  2. Happy dancing here. Your post made me smile so BIG. I'm so happy you got Cody. He will be great therapy for you.

    You look so happy.

    Give Cody a hug for me.

    Hugs to you friend

  3. Good for you. You are gonna love that little guy. Heee will be so good for everybody.


  4. That is great that he's crate trained! ALL dogs need a den...they are after all pack animals. Our dogs jockey for who gets to sleep in the three kennels we have and then they have to take turns during the night.
    You are in for some fun. So happy for you.


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