Thursday, May 9, 2013

Great News here in my neck of the woods

Awe the pangs of Puppy Love...isn't he just adorable!

A fine good Evening everyone..I've got some good news to share with everyone.
First Thanks everyone for the prayers and wonderful comments on my last post. You have no idea how much I needed them!
So on to the good news. After I found out how long I was going to have to wait for the nerve block I emailed my Spine Dr. and ask if he could do the Test nerve block on my neck & if they worked we could do both at one time save money & time and of course make me feel better from top to bottom.

Well he called me personally and said Tonya that is to long for you to wait, how about we move up the nerve block to May 20th. I know you want to get the neck too but I think getting the lower back done now is more important and the sooner the better..
Of course I jumped on the update and said Yes yes yes to May 20th...only 11 more days..I so can't wait... I know there is no absolute that it will end this pain but if it works as well as the test blocks worked I have total faith it will turn out good. Everyone's prayers must have surely reached high!

Still waiting to hear the surgery date on the tumor in my sinus and that's ok.

Today I had an appointment with a Dental Implant Dentist who is willing to work with my Regular dentist to try to get some implants in the top front where all of those teeth that broke off at the gum are.
The best part is that there prices per implant are reasonable about half what any other dentist has quoted me. My Insurance will not pay for implants but will pay for any extractions and crowns. So I can finally see a smile on my face and no more pain in that area in the future. Very good news.
I really liked this dentist too..very kind and understanding of my medical/dental issues.

Had a great week on Ebay last week..Always feels so good when 5 buyers that look at 1000's of items on ebay all decide that mine were what they wanted and clicked Buy it now...

Now tell me what do you think of that Little fellow in the picture?
Not sure why this picture is sideways but he's still adorable.
My Puddles as I have mentioned is 16 now. He's Blind and deaf. He hears some very high pitched sounds but his eye sight I feel has gotten do bad that he may not even see light anymore. I know our time together is drawing to a close so I have been looking at puppy's not really ready to get a puppy just looking.
Then on facebook my cousin post this adorable picture of this puppy, who by the way looks exactly like Puddles...So I ask about the little guy.
Turns out she rescued him from a lady who had bought him for her grand daughter but it turned out that it was to much for the grand mother. My cousin saw her dragging the little guy down the sidewalk & then saw her smacking him on the head with her keys. So she flat out went to the lady and said what are you doing to that puppy he is just a baby. She ask the lady if she wanted to sell the puppy but she said No. then the next day the lady shows up at my cousins car in the parking lost and said she wanted $150 for him. My cousin said, I'll give you what I have in my purse $50 bucks. The grandma said no...but then she shows up the next morning and said, you still have that $50 bucks if so you can have this mut.
So she gave her the $50 bucks and how has this adorable Puppy. She took him to the vet who tells her that he is 99.9% sure he's pure Australian Shepard.
So I look up Australian Shepards to be sure I know what they are which I did.
He will grow up a little bigger then I had wanted but they have great personalities, are smart and beautiful just like Shelties.
OOps I think I fell in love with him so far...I'm planning on going to meet him Monday evening. If he takes to me and I to him I'm gona bet he is gona be in my front seat on my way home.
I think a puppy will be good for Puddles too, Puddles loves Puppy's. I have to carry him out to potty so that will work perfectly for the Puppy too. Puddles can follow the puppy's scent and Puppy can follow Puddles direction in potty training.
Plus a puppy will help me focus on something positive every day.
If anyone has anything to share about Australian Shepards I'd love to hear.

So there you have it a whole bunch of positives...

Have a Great Weekend!



  1. So glad your nerve block is going to be sooner! Hope you get lots of relief from that!

    Such a sweet the next pic we see, it will be in your vehicle or safe and sound at your home! :)

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Oh Tonya bless your heart!! All your pain and and all the love you give to people and puppies and kitties is amazing!! You are a special lady!! And congrats on the sales!!! You deserve them too!!! Happy Mothers Day!!! XOXO Love ya Fran.

  3. Wow! Good news all around!!!!! It would be so wonderful if your could get to feeling a whole lot better. Good luck on May 20th.

    Puppy is so cute!


  4. Soooooo good to hear your good news.

    I hope you get the puppy. He will be sooo good for you.

    You could name him PJ....Puddles Junior.


  5. Great news,,,,will be praying for relief.
    That puppy is adorable. Australian hounds are a working breed that will require lots of exercise. If you have a treadmill it would be a good thing to get him used to it and he will come to crave it as our Jack Russell does. She gets up on the treadmill and whines for me to turn it on so she can run. READ UP on the breed. They are loves but like I said they do need to be exercised especially pups.

  6. Glad you got some good news, that's great and what a cute little pup:)

  7. Sorry to hear you have been down again Tonya! Sounds like some positive things happening though, be well soon! Bless your cousin for saving that beautiful puppy. Looks JUST like our buddy that passed. He was loyal and gentle and smart. Happy Mothers Day Tonya ♥Lisa


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