Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Look what the Birds Planted for me & an update

A Good Afternoon to all my prim friends out there .. As you all know my decor is sunflowers and the bird must love me because they planted sunflowers all around my trailer here on the farm...and they are just beautiful. I'm amazed with all the storms we have had with great gust of wind that they are still standing.. I did lose one but I plucked it off the stem and put it in a vase in the trailer...
They are as bold and bight as there name .. it seems they really are enjoying all the sunshine much better then we are.. LOL...
I've been home for a little over 36 hours and I have been on the run the whole time...Had to go get tags for the Van, Camper, Boat trailer and a sticker for my boat... I couldn't beleive how long the line was.. took me two hours...not to mention cost a fortune... I had to laugh I thought I was going to be ahead this month... NOT... always something that needs paid for ...
Then of course had to fill the gas tank for my next road trip.. YeeHa...gas was down to $3.40 a gallon.. I can honestly say I never thought I would say YeeHa to $3.40 a gallon gass but much better then $3.70 or more a gallon.....
Then I stopped by John and Laura's to do a little cleaning for them. Laura is still in the hospital but doing much better out of the coma, up and walking around...I was able to take time to go with John and visit with her last was good to see her doing so much better...not sure when she will get to come home. For now I think it is best she is in the hospital where they can make sure that she is going to do good once they release her this time...    Thank you all for all your prayers. I knwo that each and every one of them helped.

It is so hot here in Ohio that my little air conditioner isn't even making a dent it seems in cooling down the trailer.. still 93 degrees in here in my office a little cooler in the living room..where the air conditioner is 83 degrees... I tried opening all the windows and letting air flow threw but it went up to 104 degrees within 5 minutes and that would kill my fur babies and me... so back on with the air... and 3 fans running to circulate the air..
I love summer but this is as rediculious as our winter was.... one extreme to another...

The thought of packing the fur babies, Lucky Blue, Puddles and I back in the van with all our needs for the week just doesn't sound like much fun at all it is going to be a long hot trip north today... I'm considering waiting till early evening to leave when it will be a little cooler..I think I just made my mind up going to wait till later... just to hot...

I did make it out to the shop lastnight to create one little gathering.. that was my down time to relax.. and if it hadn't been so hot it would have been much more enjoyable but none the less I did enjoy myself... I created a darling little Necessary Room Chest gathering...Hope to find time to list it this weekend if not when I get back...

Time to run need to go tot he grocery store and pick up a few things for the week.. I hope that you all stay cool and enjoy your day!!

Until we meet again Smile...



  1. This heat is something, isn't it? They say it's the first time since 2006 that we have reached triple digits here in Iowa. I know I sure don't want to venture outside today......
    Don't overdo. Keep them babies safe!

  2. Those sunflowers are just gorgeous Tonya! I guess birds are good for something other than scattering bird poo everywhere that we don't want it, LOL!!!!The heat has been bad here in Pa also but not as bad as some have it, hoping it will cool down for everyone soon:)

  3. Yikes! You be careful in that heat - drink lots of water! (Did I just hear you say, "Yes, mother."?)
    Love the sunflowers and your new gathering is lovely! LOVE the old quilt tied on the canning jar with the bath salts tag!
    Sunflowers make my heart happy, too. :)

  4. hi, Tonya
    Pretty sunflowers~ Keep safe & cool with these temps~ They say tomorrow will be worse~ so watch them furbabies~

  5. stay cool, I love the little chest you created!

  6. Wonderful sunflowers your feathered friends planted for you! One or more of them must be landscape designers!! One of my favorite flowers also....Glad to hear your friend Laura is doing better, but will continue the prayers till she's back to where she should be. Whew...can't imagine the heat in that trailer....Saying a prayer for cool breezes for you and your fur family as well. Safe travels....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  7. Love your pretty sunflowers. So pretty. It is beyond hot here. No a/c. I am still wishing. No falling stars lately. I baked cupcakes for my grand daughters birthday today & the icing roses I made melted into blobs. So much for beautiful cupcakes. To boot they never arrived yet. Prayer lifted for Laura & a safe journey for you. Blessings!

  8. The Birds were great landscapers.. i would never have thought to plant SunFlowers right next to the trailer but they popped up and I left them. I'm so glad I did they are beautiful and once they dry the birds will have an extra treat...

  9. Your sunflowers are beautiful!! Can't believe the birds dropped them there ~ they must've known how much you love them! :O) I really like your new gathering! Try to stay cool somehow ~ there seems to be no middle ground these days! Hope you have a safe trip!


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