Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Want a laugh? Go ahead open this one!

Howdy from the long lost ...Aren't my corn Flowers just beautiful... I didn't make it home to see how many more blooms there are so thought I would share them with you and enjoy them myself...What a long week here on the Island. We had what we call Islandfest last weekend the biggest weekend of the year and yes every rental and personal house on the island is full... so busy busy for everyone for 5 days straight!
Finally a break and here I am... exhausted and homesick...but enjoying the breeze and the peace and quiet..

Remember I told you all about having to move my camper well there is a lot to be said about all us who choose the strange life of working and living on an Island in the summer... Now I am here to tell you that there are some who think renting a nice little house with air conditioning and a view is all wonderful but those people just think they are having the time of there life living it up in there fancy rental...I'm here to say they don't have anything up on me... I've got some real fine air conditioning in my summer room...its got three speeds too!!

and look at my living room it is carpeted with some real comfy chairs and a really stylish end table 

Just look at the great view of the great outdoors. where the birds sing and the bunny's play!!

I got myself a fine Kitchen with running water and a sink too!

With a cupboard for my fine china!!

 A real nice Fridge with a freezer ,a micorwave and even one of them there fancy Blenders.
If you look real close you can see my other Air them fancy rentals don't have two air conditioners...

 Now check this out I even have myself an office with my computer

Now of course you all know that this is all in my summer room!
Its just off the main house I shared with you all a while back...
There you can see the main house and just look at the wonderful sidewalk with night time solar lighting..

This here is a view of my patio ....Now if you notice there is a silver tarp covering my summer room well that there tarp reflects the sun and helps cut down on my air conditioning cost...Plus it insures that my summer room stays dry during all the storms that come off the lake...

 Now you ask what in the world is this..well it is another one of those silver tarps attached to the back of the main house.. Why you ask...well the sun being so hot was shinnin directly on the back of the main house/camper and so I had this great idea to hang a tarp from the top and stake it to the ground  so that there was still a big space under it so the real air conditioner in the main house/camper could still work properly to keep my critters nice and cool and see if reflecting the sun away would help keep it cooler inside... Well it was one of my better idea's.... it dropped the temp in the camper 15 degrees. Now it stays around 75 to 80 degrees inside and all my fur babies are safe and cool all day too when evening comes...
And all those people renting places on the island think they got something special...Ha...I got it all and alot cheaper then they did..hehe!!
Now don't get me wrong.. its not better then living on my boat...but it is second best...

I sure hope you enjoyed the giggle.... and my Corn Flowers!!

Time for me to go but until we meet again may your day be filled with Sunshine and happy Moments!!



  1. OH your just killin me here!!!!!!!!!!!!!How funny!Your savin money and thats what its all about!Enjoy your summer fun sweetie!Thanks for the giggles before my bedtime.big hugs michelle

  2. That is what I call going green and with all the comforts of home..I love it Tonya :)
    Nancy from insidenanashead

  3. too funny! We have a tiny pop up camper that we coined "the slum dog camper" son doesn't want to be seen in it as compared to all the 50K 5th wheels....(I agree with him but I do like to save $$
    Thanks for the laugh!!

  4. That's too funny! Glad you can be positive ~ try to stay cool! :O)

  5. Thank you for the giggle Tonya! Love to see how your fairing on the island.
    Blessings friend,

  6. Too funny! I'd say you have it made as far as camping out all summer! There are people in little pup tents that are just wishing they had a set up like yours!

    Stay cool!

  7. LOL, I LOVE IT!!! You are so creative my friend, what a wonderful set-up you have there;) and your right...not many folks have 2 air conditioners, you are living it up good! Love the coneflowers, one of my favorites! Have a wonderful day Tonya and thanks for the smiles:D

  8. You go girl. I love your set up. If it works for you great. Just don't work too hard when its so hot.


  9. You're a hoot Tonya my girl!! Glad you're seeing your glass half full rather than half empty....(And, hey - isn't there a couple country songs written about you??) ;o) Thanks for the chuckles....Stay on the sunny side!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  10. Too funny. I love your summer home. I actually really like camping with a tent. Except normally for me it is with a heater that I bring along instead of a fan lol. I have always camped in a tent and I bring along a small one to put accessories in.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Now this should be published someplace else as well....everyone should be able to read this and get a chuckle out of it.
    Thanks so much for the enjoyment...giggles!



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