Thursday, July 7, 2011

Today I was reminded of why I hate July!

Yes my friends I truly hate July up until about 5 years ago I really loved July. Warm Sunny  days perfect for boating, swimming, hanging out with friends, having a picnic, you know all the reasons we all love summer so much...
Well as of today I formally state I hate July. Why you ask? I've got some really valid reason I assure you.

4 years ago in July 2008 I got really sick and none of the doctores could figure out what was wrong with me until I was really sick... Finally my ear, noe and throat Dr figured it out.  I had 6 stones( like gull stones & kidney stones)  form in my salvia gland and one of them got stuck and closed off the saliva exit. forcing all of the the salvia build up in my neck creating a baseball sized lump. Which became infected and starting being absorbed into my body making me really sick. Surgery to remove Gland and infection..leaving a 6" scar on my neck.

Then the following year 2009 seems a tradition started that has not ended yet...My van broke down and had to be replaced. So I bought a new used van... It ran great and then one day in July I turned into a clients driveway to clean and when I went to back out to leave & pulled forward it went about 10 feet and jolted to a stop...thought I hit something. When I got out to look at what it was I found that the whole front end of my van broke off from the struts forward, the axel was on the ground, the tires were flopped over and laying on the ground and thengine had fallen down. Thank god I was not on the highway.  So that van was totaled.
I had to buy another new used van.

The following year 2010 July 19th I was driving home from the island and my van simply died while I was driving it down the road. I managed to get it to the side of the road and no accident happened but the engine in the van was blown.
You guessed it I had to buy yet another new uesed van but this time I bought a 2002 in great shape with no known problems and it ran like a gem... I totally fell in love with it.. It had a few minor problems since it was used through out the year that my SNL fixed for me, but over all it ran great.

Today July 6th I headed to the post office and my van was acting really strange and wouldn't take off  unless I went really slow and finally it wouls go into gear and move... I made it to the post office and then headed to John and Laura's to clean and I almost didn't make it... by the last stop and go situation it would hard ly move but some how I managed to get it there. Ask john to come look at it and take a rid so we drove around the block and he says sounds & act like transmission going. His mechanic showed up and they took it for a drive and he says it is your transmission it is shot, kaput, broken you name it it is not going anywhere it has to be replaced.
So once again i was faced with what to do.. still owed money on this van so do I junk it and buy another one Does fix it cost out weigh cost a new used van... what to do what to do... Well after calling around and finding no decent priced vans I could afford... and trade in with blown tranny was zip decided I would in vest in fixing it... to the tune of about $1700..
And they can't start working on it till next Tuesday and I was supposed to be back onthe island this Thursday.. Humm what to do... ok I got to rent a car... more money spent...
So in the morning I have to go rent a car for 10 days or more...
 Uggggggggggggg... I HATE JULY is all I can say... 

And with that said I am gona go sleep on all this drama and see if I can dream about something like butterfly's flying all over a feild of flowers, birds singing, Kittens Playing anything but broken down

Have a great day everyone...



  1. holy crap Tonya, I can see why you hate is just too weird..wish I could say something to cheer you up..I hope the rest of your july goes alot smoother.;)

  2. Gotta admit, that totally stiinks! And now I can see why you really hate July, too. I think I would start dreading it in May or June if I was you! You're great about keeping your sense of humor, though - loved the part about dreaming about butterflies or kittens. (Laugh or cry, right?) I'll be thinking good thoughts for you!

  3. shame, SHAME on July! That is just too weird, maybe you need to quit driving anywhere during all July's, heehee, I hope they can get it fixed for you quickly:( In response to your comment~ I didn't get a chance to shake the walnut tree this yr. as the birds had pretty well cleaned the tree but next year I will definitely give it a try:D

  4. Hi Tonya.... I can surely see that July is just not your month girl... Maybe it's time for a truck, LOL... Sorry you are having these troubles...


  5. You hate July like I am not a fan of February! I have my reasons! LOL! If it's any consolation~ your tranny cost way less than ours did! We had ours go out when we were driving through Wisconsin last year! We have a Honda~ and well, they are the most expensive to replace! 3500.00 later~ the perils of having vehicles! I truly hope that it gets better for you! Hang in there my friend!

  6. So sorry July seems to be jinxed for you Tonya but look at it this way at least it's the vehicles and not you that's in the hospital. Keep encouraged, it will all work out. Good to hear from you.


  7. Man Tonya ~ that totally sucks! I can't believe you've had such terrible luck every July! I hope something works out for you ~ I'll be praying for you hon!

  8. Major bummer, sorry to hear of your latest casualty...Perhaps you should start taking the bus in July? ;o) Just kidding....But I WOULD say my next vehicle would NOT be a van!! Hope it gets resolved quickly....Hugs & Happy Thoughts ~ Robin

  9. Tonya , that is such a major bummer , I say go truck or suv lol Vans and july just have your number! no seriously I hate hearing that hope everything works out ! Prayers and hugs lil raggedy angie

  10. I'm not so sure you can pray for or really hate inanimate objects such as a van. And it isn't fair to a whole month, especially one that does have all these other wonderful events. But, Honey, for you, July just plain sucks! I don't blame you for hating it! You have to wonder if the cost of repair is more than the value of the van! You have my greatest sympathy. Perhaps you should try a lease! ★Linda★

  11. I just had a great laugh reading all the post.. Linda I think you may have the right idea a van..
    I don't hate July i just hate July and what seems to happen every darned July.. Frankly I am really starting to feel like there is Dark Black July Cloud that hangs over me for some reason.. but what is a lady to do but make jokes about it and keep on a going.. You all would really laugh if you couls ee all my cleaning supplies, Cats, dog, Bird, Cooler, Clothes crammed into a ford there is a site to be seen.. praise God it has air and it is sey looking cause I am not a car person at all too short and when I look out half what I see if the dashboard...LOL..
    Anyway the truth is I make such great money in July that something has to happen to make sure i never get the feel rich syndrome...Heheh Cracking self up!!

    Hug to you all...Tonya

  12. So sorry to hear your van is in need of repair. Our family van has been broken down for 3 weeks this time. Garages are to busy right now they say. The Jeep was demolished. My husband will not allow me to drive his precious mustang & dose not want the kids & I to even ride in it. So worried we will get it dirty or damage it in some way. So I & the four teenage kids cram into a tiny pickup with tiny pull down jumper seats. We are packed like sardines in the can. I am sure we look like the ford focus with all your cleaning supplies. Sending a prayer up for you. You are handeling it much better than I. Blessings!

  13. I am sooo sorry Tonja but maybe you should check into least it would be a tax write off for your business and they would have to maintain it...something to think about.
    I also just put a new post in my blog that was not a happy one but like you I will just have to learn to deal with it.
    I am finally going to put some of my gatherings together for a craft sale in my garage next month (info in my blog)
    I really hope things get better for you and it is easy to understand why you hate July..I have the same thing with Friday the 13th and have learned to just stay home when we have one.
    Take care..You are a strong person and I know you will make it through this July :)
    Nancy (Insidenanasheas)


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