Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Remember our Baby Chicks? they finally got a new Home & My Herb Garden~

A huge Hello to all my dear Prim friends..I sure havemissed talking to all of you.
I've been somewhat missing for a while. My lap top has had an attitude for weeks so I haven't been able to post while I am away on the Island working and on the days I have been home it seems I have so little time and so many projects to get done I just haven't had time to post...You've not been totally ignored I've been reading everyones blogs though and totally enjoying them...
Finally a few minutes so thought I would jump in here and share a few things that have been going on since my last visit..
My big brother has a nasty habit of starting projects and then never finishing them so when I got home last week I told Peg were gona finish the new Chicken coupe for the Baby Chicks they are getting to big to be in that little cage so when Jimmy left for work we went to work and we finished it in about 6 hours. Jimmy had built the floor and the four corner post and top rails and then quit. So we had to cover it with chicken wire and build a door for it... I think we did a great job and the Chicks just love all the space.
It measures 10' tall x 10" deep x 8" wide with a nesting box in the back.
The nesting box is an antique came from an old chicken house that someone was taking down..
They are now let out in the morning to roam and peck around the yard with the bigger Chickens and put back in at night..
Look how big they are now.. won't be to long till we have eggs!!
Remember the Free lattice I picked up along the street. I finally got the two pieces cut and put up in front of my ugly Red Neck Ched and the Morning Glory's aremaking there way up it. Soon it will be all covered and the old red neck shed won't seem so ugly well until winter that is.
My Red Neck shed is made from a 10' x10' chain link dog pen covered with Tarps. Uglier then sin but it serves its purpose perfectly I planted the Morning glory's last year but never got the Lattice for them to climb. Well when Jimmy broke his antique garden Hoe and I sat it in front of the Red Neck Shed I knew I had to get the lattice then as you know I got really lucky and found some free along the road. so now it looks really cool and soon the Morning Glory's will be just beautiful clinging to the lattice...

My Herb Garden is starting to look really good. The sage came back this spring and jsut doing fantasic.. by the end of summer it will be twice this size so I will have lots to dry for my gatherings. It smells so yummy!

Carmen gave me this Lavendar last year and it did very well and managed to make it threw the horrid winter we had and is doing very well so should have lots of it to dry come fall..The dill came back too and is doing great.. I'm going to plant more Dill seeds soon so I can have a fall crop to harvest...
The new Herbs I planted is just now starting to grow. I really need to add more top soil to this part of the bed and some mulch because it is really dry and its not a good enviroment for my Herbs but they are growing. I wish I was home more so I could keep them watered .. I know they are struggling in all the heat we are having but I think they will do fine once I get some more dirt around them and topped with mulch...

I also worked on my storage room in my neighbors barn. She has a loft in the barn and said I could store crafts supplies in the loft. But first Ihad to hang Tarps and create a room so the birds don't mess all over my things. the Walls are done and I started putting shelves in last week while I was home. We got like 20 boxes of my craft supplies carried up there and put on the shelves.
I'm really excited about having this storage space. I waste so much time looking for things I want because I have so much and it is stuffed in the shop which make sit darn near impossible to find anything without making a total mess digging and moving things till I find what i need. When I am done with the new storage area everything will be organized in wire type cube shelves. So all the shelves will be in one area, all the scones in one area and so on... I will be able to walk in there and just grab what I need without all the digging and mess making. I will have so much more time to actually create.

That's about sums up the latest happenings on my side of the world...

Time for me to bid you all a good night!!

Until we meet again may the sun shine on your days and fill them with warm memories!!



  1. Whew!! You sure do keep busy! The chicken coop looks spectacular - go girl power! Love the morning glories with the antique hoe. Hope you share a picture once it starts blooming. :) So glad for you to have a place to store your things. Organization can make such a difference - I should probably try to develop some, too. :D
    Have a great day!

  2. Tonya,
    So glad to finally hear from you! you are such a busy lil bee, but everything is looking good round the place . Id be clipping them blooms off that lavendar now and hanging them to dry too, they are great to use! Hope you dont forget to breathe ! Talk soon! Enjoy your week ! hugs lil raggedy angie

  3. You never just sit, do you?
    I couldn't keep up with you. Gotta say those chicks look happier.
    Oh, yes! A storage space with shelves? That would be the way to go! Every time I go in my master bath I see me apothecary cabinet and I think of you. I still love it and I love you for making it for me!

  4. Good to hear from you Tonya Girl!! Chickies are looking great! Love their new "digs" - especially that awesome nesting box they have...Must say, your chicks have style! All your plantings are looking great - lucky you to have herbs come back ~ around here they are mostly all annuals due to our winters and I end up replanting each year. Can't wait to see your morning glories in bloom! Have a great rest of the week - find some time to chill, woman! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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