Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Prayer Request For Carmen's Stepmom Laura~Dad & Jackson

Hi Everyone... Laura is one of my best friends as well as Carmen's Stepmom. A week or so ago I shared a little with you about John and Laura losing there long time Fur Baby Lugar. Laura was struggling with the loss so her John, Carmen's Dad had ask me help him find a new Puppy and we found Jackon Louis for Laura hoping that Jackon would help lift Laura's spirits.
Laura is not well, she is a serious diebetic with many other health issues that come with being diebetic.

I think Jackson helped a little but she was so depressed over losing Lugar and then her astranged father she just wasn't able to get past the grief and stopped taking care of herself completely which added complications on top of complications.
I was working on the Island yesterday (Father's Day) when John called but I didn't have enough signal to receive the call.
On my way home today I received another call from John telling me Laura was int he hospital. He said that she had not been taking care of herself and she gotten really sick yesterday morning and basically went into diebetic Shock and had to be rushed to the hospital where they discoverd that she had had a heart attack also.
Sadly this very serious considering her already fragile health..and depression. I fear she has given up.They have stablized her and she is doing well considering. Hopefully they will get her into some counseling to help with her depression while she is in the hospital.. she really needs the help.
So I would like to ask for your prayers for Laura.
I would also like to ask for your prayers for John as well. He has a huge load on his shoulders always caring for Laura and now caring for Jackson who has also had some health issues since he came to live with them and is also having problems learning to potty train. Which is not good at a time like this when John is of course focusing on Laura and her health issues.
Poor Jackon is just a puppy and it is not his fault that he was not potty trained by his former owner. Jackson is a wonderful Dog/puppy and with time and training will be as precious as Lugar but right now is just bad timing all the way around for everyone.
I've thought about it and if need be I will take Jackson for a while even tho I don't feel it will be good for Jackson and there other dog Batman who loves Jackson to death, but it may be necessary until Laura is better..We shall see... I'll be going over to there house to help out tomorrow or wednesday and I will talk to John about it and let him decide what he thinks is best... I hope he decides to keep Jackson with him because Jackson is good for him even tho he doesn't realize it..... he has given John reason to get out and walk with him and Batman and he makes John laugh to see Batman and Jackson play... and god knows he needs something to laugh about...

So please pray for my Family,Carmen, John, Laura and there new Puppy Jackson.

Blessing and Hugs


  1. Hi Tonya, So sorry to hear about your friends and their struggles. I will send up some prayers for them.

  2. Tonya, sending many prayers for them, such a sad situation I actually read about this on Carmen's blog yesterday, I always wonder why some folks have so many struggles and others it seems hardly any. THANK YOU for the tip on gathering the mulberries, that is GENIUS my friend!!!! MULBERRY PIE FOR EVERYONE,LOL!!!!!! The birds will be ready to peck my eyes out now;)

  3. Oh Tonya, keep looking up, all will work out. Will be praying and thinking of you all.


  4. Best thoughts and prayers for the family and their situation....Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Tonya, so sorry to hear about your friend.
    Hopefully she will see that there is alot of love out there and everyone needs her.
    Prayers and thoughts going your way.
    Be strong my friend.

  6. O K..I had to use the Anonymous sign in again so I don't get kicked off. I am sure the pup is confused right now and they do know when something is going on..I think he should stay with his new dad and maybe it will help when he talks about him to Laura..My prayers are going up for all of you..You take care of Tonya too since there are so many counting on you now. Hugs


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