Wednesday, June 8, 2011

YeeHa~ I made my 100th post last night and I'm back for 101

                                                                      Best Friends
Hi Everyone...Another long day today but an enjoyable one... I picked up my best Buddy Puddles today and boy was I ever happy to see him... He spent the weekend with John and Laura and you know what they spoiled him even more then I do..hehe...He was happy to see me too but I could tell he hadn't missed me as much as I missed him...then again he got to play with Jackson the new Puppy and Batman there other dog all weekend and was showered with lovin...
They said the first night he was a bit confussed and kept going to the door as if waiting on me to come back in and when they went out he would go to the end of the side walk and stand there just looking and waiting ...then after that he never left there side even slept with Laura every night... I'm glad he is home laying here at my feet...
Jackson the New Puppy is doing great...He has fallin head over heels in love with John and Laura.. I think it was a match made in heaven for sure...

I cleaned John and Laura's house today.. but it wasn't rushed so I enjoyed myself and I got to visit with them as I cleaned. I got to spend time with the new Puppy Jackson and Batman too..  John Grilled us Steaks for dinner..Yummy!! We had Peaches and Cornbread stuffing on the side...

When I got home I listed some things on Ebay..Ebay Sales have slowed down to a trickle... Bummer :(<
Not sure why sales have gotten so bad...good thing I have the cleaning business as a back up!

I discovered last night that I had posted my 100th post...Kinda Cool!! Goes to show I can ramble on good to have time to stop in abaing to night and Chat to everyone...

Tomorrow I'm going to rest a little... run a few errands, take an air conditioner back that I bought and don't like, pack and ship my Two Ebay Sales and then I think I will go thrifting.. and just chill the rest of the day since I don't have to be back to work on the Island until Thursday I can clean on Friday...I'm not sure I will know how to act just puttering around all day tomorrow...might even make it out to the shop to create a few new gatherings...

Time for me to call it a day and get some rest...So until we meet again have a wonderful day!!



  1. Tonya,
    Glad Puddles is back at home and I'm sure he is too. Congrats on your 100 post plus 1.
    You sure have a busy summer. Try to get some relax time in.
    Enjoy your day
    Country at heart

  2. Hi Tonya! Congrats on the 100 post mark! Sounds like you have a nice day planned. Enjoy and hope you find some good thrift finds.

  3. hi, Tonya
    congrats on 100 posts!!! I just want to pull up a rug~ what a cute pic~
    Have a great day~ keep cool

  4. Hey there lady...I ALWAYS think of my kitties when we're away...I know they get lonely but then we don't have anyone for them in the house when we're gone - we don't take them anywhere either...but our daughter in-law comes and takes care of them.
    SOOO I can see where Puddles would certainly miss you...he sees you walk out that door and that's the last place he saw you - oh the poor little thing.
    But - sounds like he adapted quite well thank goodness.

    I had mentioned on my next to last post that things have slowed down in sales too - guess it's that time when everyone's outside getting yards ready, kids graduating - things like that.

    Everyone will start wanting 4th of July things so get ready!



  5. Yippee!! 101!! Congratulations Tonya! That's a lot of typing!! Glad you and Puddles are reunited...Those little fur babies sure know how to pull our heart strings, don't they? Have a wonderful "you" day - you deserve it! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. I know he missed his Momma! Lil stinker.... he looks so cute with his kitty. wish my dogs would tolerate a kitty.
    good to have some time for relaxing. things will pick up. people are spending more time outside right now--not so concerned with decorating. it will come back around.....
    hugs to you......


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