Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kittens~Kids and A Sneak Peek @ New Creations~

Good Morning my friends..I just had to share these pictures of the kids with the Kittens today!! Oh yea and I wanted to give you a sneak peek at the newest creations that I've finally managed to find a minute to create..
Meet Jake.. I just had to snap this picture..this is a kid that has no patience for sitting still for two minutes let alone rock a baby kitten to sleep.. So when he whispered Aunt Tonya look at the kitten I just had to snap his picture...Thank god I had the Phone in my hand at the time.... The kids were playing house on the porch and the kittens were there babies. Jake was the only one who managed to sit still long enough to rock his kitten to sleep.. and let me tell you this kitten was so asleep that he was a limp noodle in Jakes arms...
Meet Cameron he is working really hard trying to get his kitten to fall asleep..he was just rocking away but this little kitty was having nothing to do with sleeping. It wanted to pounce right out of his arms and did shortly after the picture...
This is Hailey and as you can see her kitten was having nothing to do with sleeping either...She's getting ready to sit her kitty in the doll stroller.. They were all having such a good time..

I have about 60 hours home this week so much running to do and I really needed to get in the shop and create.. more because I needed to just relax and have some down time with myself in my favorite place the shop creating... Ebay has been really slow but still try to create something on my days keep my Ebay store Shelves stocked in hopes of sales here and there during the summer...

But first the running..after getting my ebay sales packed, it was off to the post office to ship. Then to the bank. Then I I headed to Wall-Mart to pick up some screen for my front Door. On my way I see some new looking Lattice sitting along the street with a free sign on it so I stop and the man was so kind he loaded it on top of the van for me and we both tied it on there real well... He had 5 fairly new 4' x 8' sheets of Lattice. Then he ask me if I want some Daffidils and I say sure why not and he hands me a box with no less then 250 plus daffidil bulbs.. I was so excited...I'm going to plant them everywhere this fall so Peggy and I can enjoy them come next spring...
When I got home I unloaded the lattice. first thing I did was cut two sheets of the lattice to fit where I  wanted it to my Morning Glory's can grow up it in front of my Dog Pen Tarp covered Red Neck Shed..So it doesn't look so much like a Red Neck Shed...hehehe!! I've been wanting to buy some Lattice but the budget just never allowed for it... What a total Blessing it was to find 5 sheets for free and such a nice man to help me load it all up to bring home and then to add a huge box of Daffidils...

Some days just have an extra ray of sunshine filled with super Blessings to brighten the day!!

I haven't had time to share all my new creations with you in sometime with running back and forth to the Island and home for the past month or so.. But I have been working at least one night out in the shop creating every time I make it home... So with out further delay let me share all the new things that I've created over the past month...
~Apothecary Spice Bottle~Pantry Shelf Gathering~

~Pantry Keeping Cubby~Spice & Wares Gathering~

~Prim Necessary Room Stool~Gathering~

Prim Shabby Library Shelf~
~Books~Clock~Candle Lamp Gathering~

Prim Necessary Room Tray Gathering~

~Prim Necessary Room~Pitcher~Bowl~Stool Gathering~

Hope you enjoy the Sneak peek at all the new gatherings and the Kids and there Kitty Babies.
time for me to finish up my chore list, pack it up and head back to the Island by 5 much to do...!!

Until we meet again may the Sunshine on your face and in your heart!!



  1. What adorable kids and kittens! Love all your beautiful gatherings, and WOW, FREE lattice??? I dare say it was your lucky day, and free daffodils to boot, it's nice to know there are still nice folks who are willing to *give* and lend a helping hand:) Have a great day Tonya ((hugs))

  2. What a lovely post!
    And what a dear, sweet man! Great luck! I would've stopped, too! :)

  3. hi, Tonya
    The kids are so cute holding the little kitties~ your gatherings as always pretty~ oh, so pretty!

  4. Such sweet photos of the kids and the kitties, Tonya - thanks so much for sharing! Love your new creations - you certainly do have a knack for pulling things together and making the perfect-every-time vignettes!! Have a great day/evening - safe travels! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. I love your gatherings that you have are most talented..and oh those still my heart..they are just precious..especially the first photo..;)

  6. Tonya,
    Love the pics of the kids with the kitties.
    Looks like you have been busy with more great displays. I love all of them.
    Have a nice weekend, don't work too hard.
    Country at heart

  7. Cute kids & kittens. Lovely new creations Tonya.


  8. Cute kids!! Love your new creations!! How wonderful that you got the lattice for free and daffodils too!!
    Have a great week-end!!

  9. O K ..I did get it to work with anonymous..Your post reminds me of many years ago when my Nellie always had a kitten in her arms. She would sit outside for hours and just play with kittens.
    Love all your new gatherings. I just sent you an email...have a great week and find some more goodies on the curb..I love curb shopping but just have a little Dodge for now.


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