Sunday, June 12, 2011

Huge Prayer Request needed to Sell my house

Blessed be I was gona say Good Evening everyone but it is darn near midnight so I will just say a Fine Evening one and all..Lol... I just finished working about an hour very long day today cleaning but it was a profitable I will simply Smile and suck up the aches and pains...LOL.. its not easy at this hour of the day but one must do what one must do.. :>)

As many of you have read in my blogs I create Primitive gathering in the winter and Work cleaning on Kelley's Island in the summer. 12 yrs ago I bought the little house you see pictured above so that my foster kids and I could enjoy living and playing on Lake Erie on the boat and Waverunners. My kids are all grown and now it is just me and My Furry Critter Friends.
A year ago I decided that i wanted to move back home to be close to Carmen and the rest of my Family so I put my house on the market and bought a trailer that I moved to my brothers which is where I call home now.
With the Real Estate market the way it is my house has not sold to date. But tomorrow (Monday) the realitor is showing it to a couple who claim to have cash to buy the house if they like it. Apparently they have been over to see the outside several times and finally decided that they want to check it out further. The realitor says they sound to good to be true but also sound promising.
So with those thoughts in mind I would like to ask you all to pray that this couple like the house and make me an offer I simply can not refuse...and the house finally sells.
Keeping up with the upkeep, house payment & bills that come with owning house have been a thorn in my side since I moved to my brothers. It would be the greatest burden lifted off my Back if the house would sell.
I could finally relax and focus on my Primitive Creations and my future if I sold the house..
So please say a prayer that these people really like the house and decide to buy it...

Thank you for all your kindness & prayers.
Until we meet again may your day be filled with sunshine and happy moments!!



  1. I'll will keep my fingers crossed & prayers going for you! It looks like a cute lil house ~ hopefully the people tomorrow will agree! Good luck!

  2. Prayers & best thoughts and wishes, Tonya! It's a cute lil' place - I'm sure they'll love it! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. It is an adorable house! I'll be praying for you! *Linda*

  4. I love your home and hope they do too.and that we hear $$$$$ for you..:)

  5. Tonya,
    Sorry to hear that you are selling your house. It is so cute. Looks like a peaceful place.
    Good luck to you and hope the couple looking decides to buy.
    Country at heart

  6. I love your house, and am praying that your viewers fall in love with it too.
    Jill x

  7. Your house is very cute and the yard is lovely. I pray it will sell for you.

  8. The lord will send the right people along, I hope that you will sell your home. It looks like a cozy little place.
    Have a good week.

  9. hi, Tonya~ Best of luck on selling~ sending prayers~

  10. Good morning Tonya,
    I pray for happy results! It's your time now. You have given and given so now it will sell. The Lord always does things in His of luck.
    Darling home! Why wouldn't they want it - they do sound serious.


  11. Prayers are coming Tonya, what an adorable little house! Love the patio out back, and I'm sure the *buyers* will love it too!!!

  12. Finger crossed for a sale! Hope they buy it.

  13. Your house is just as cute as a bug, don't see any reason why it would not sell. Good luck with "prayers" mixed in. Blessings, girlfriend

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  15. What a beautiful home Tonya, if it weren't for the economy it would have sold ages ago! Will say a prayer - good luck! ~*~Lisa

  16. I pray that your house would be sold to the couple, so you could finally settle in a place close to Carmen. But I'm sure it'll sell. The place looks cozy for a couple to live in, and that backyard is just huge!


I'm so Blessed that you stopped by & shared your thoughts with me today! Reading your comments always makes me Smile!