Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tonya The Work-Aholic takes a Break~A Wedding~

A big Hello to all my dear friends... I hope all is well in your world.. I sure have missed everyone and posting.. Seems there just so many hours in a day and most of my hours seem to be used up working..Cleaning~making beds~doing laundry~running the vaccum and pushing a mop of some kind...Makes me tired just thinking about it..hehe...
I finally decided I had to take a break the old gray mare she ain't what she used to be..LOL..That old Gray mare would be me... I don't care how many money song and dances I do nothing can change the fact that Cleaning houses is hard work...
I took off for the weekend and headed to Akron, Ohio for a wedding. One of the kids that I have watched grow up that I met on the Island some 10 years ago got married Friday night. She was a beautiful Bride and the wedding was just beautiful.. it was out doors by a lake and God blessed her with wonderful weather.

Dad walking Kimmy down the isle.
Kimmy and Chad thanking parents with a Rose as part of ceremony. They did this right before they said there final Vows.. I thought this was really neat...Very personal and very touching as They spoke to each parent seperately asking them to be a apart of there new life and thanking them for all the things they had done for them that brought them to this day in there lives...
The reception was beautiful and everyone had a really good time.
After the wedding we all went to a hotel and they had an after party for all there close family and friends..
Then on Saturday they had a big picnic at Kim's parents house for family and friends..
The Bride and Groom came to kelley's island for there Honeymoon on there boat Sunday.
It was g aood time for all...

A few weeks ago Carmen's Dad and step mom lost there beloved Sheltie Lugar...he passed on to doggie heaven and it really upset John and Laura as well you all know what it is like to lose a pet..
They ask me to try to find a Black and white Sheltie for them and Tuesday last week I was able to locate a 7 month old Tri Color Sheltie fairly close by. So wednesday night we met the breeder and they fell in love with this little guy and he came home to his forever home...
They named him Jackson (after John's Dad) Louis (after his mother) 
Meet the most adorable and handsome Sheltie I've met since Puddles was born..
Jackson Lewis:

He makes me want another Sheltie so badly... not now but in time I will have another one.
I dropped Puddles off at John and Laura's house for the weekend so I could go to the Wedding and so Jackson would have some company.. only about the 3rd time I have ever left Puddles in 15 years.. I missed him something awful over the weekend... but I'm picking him up tomorrow when I go to Clean John & Laura's house.

On Thursday I headed north to my house in Port Clinton to do some way over due yard work. Everytime I planned to clean out weeds and weed eat it would rain so it was a total mess. Finally sunshin and I spent from 9 in the morning till 3 in the afternoon Friday pulling weeds and weed eating. I pulled 11 wheel barrels full of weeds and downed tree branches out of the flowerbeds and yard.. I couldnot beleive how many weeds had grown everywhere... there were a lot of storms up there so there tree limbs everywhere.. tons of little ones and several big ones.. By the time I quit to clean up and head to the wedding I was exhausted.. and ready to take that break for a couple days... Then it was back to cleaning Sunday after my mini vacation ..LOL it wasn't long enough let me tell ya... not near long enough...

Time for me to call it a day...Until we meet again may your day be filled with Sunshine and warm memories!!



  1. Holy Moly girlfriend you are one busy gal.
    I'm tired...and this 'Old Grey Mare' IS OLD. By your standards anyway so you have many good years left in ya!

    What a gorgeous Sheltie...Carmen's parents will be so happy.

    Beautiful wedding. Wow you get around...lol

    Thanks for visiting my blog and I will certainly try the Shark Tile cleaner.


  2. You remind me of the gal on roller skates at the drive up stands, do you ever slow down~~~~now that is dating me for sure. Glad you were able to take some time off for Kim's this special day, wedding's are so much fun.
    Keep in touch and stay cool, 103 here in Missouri...

  3. Tonya..you are NOT an old gray mare by any means!!!! You are still a young filly in my book;) Jackson is just precious and shelties are such nice dogs! Looks like a nice wedding, and a nice day for one as well! (My DIL is doing fine, baby will be here in mid August, just hoping the stress of my son's pay issues goes away:( Enjoy the day and don't over-do;)

  4. Oh the puppy is so sweet! You are a hard worker Tonya. Glad you got to take a mini-break and be with friends! ~*~Lisa

  5. Hi Tonya, sounds like a lovely wedding. So glad you got to take a break from work.
    Have a great day!!

  6. Sounds like a hectic life indeed. Glad you had time to visit my humble space. I know well how the damned weeds grow. They are our best crop! lol We do have quite a few tomatoes on but that is because of the beautiful weather. We are waiting for a dry day so we band fertilize. You may think you're an old grey mare but you run circles around me. I may be headed for the glue factory!

  7. Busy, busy, busy girl you are Tonya!! Even your "breaks" sound exhausting to me! Travel is draining too - don't know how you do it (but if you sell it, let me know!) Sweet little puppy!!! Glad he has a wonderful forever home, and they have a new love. Rest sometime, Girl - really REST!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. Oh Tonya you make me tired just reading your blog. You must drink a gallon of coffee everyday. Good thing you went to the wedding, at least you rested a little bit.


  9. Hey, you were in my town and you didn't let me know?!?! LOL! Next time email me so we can get together for a coffee or ice cream. :)


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