Sunday, May 29, 2011

Our Freedom is a Gift From the Troups Who Serve-Honor Them!

Happy Memorial Day Everyone... As we all make plans to celebrate this Holiday weekend.. I do pray that each and every person take a moment to reflect on what this Holiday truly means.
From the very moment our For-Fathers came to this Great Country and planted the seeds of Freedom there have been many men and women who have given there lives to protect that long ago promise of Freedom.
Men and eventually women through out time have made a choice to serve there country and protect there fellow Americans knowing that they may never return home to there families and loved ones. Yet they make that choice from the heart to protect us.
Manny Americans never think twice about how our Country has remained free it has become a given in the minds of so many people.
But Freedom has never been with out cost especially the cost of lives lost. So please take a moment today to give thanks to those who made the choice to protect our Freedom. Remember there families and loved ones.
If by chance you cross paths with a man or woman in uniform or that you know is serving to protect your freedom..take time to say hello and personally thank them for all that they give so that you can be free. Let them know that you are grateful to them...

God Bless the Troups and thank you for protecting my freedom and making my country safer.



  1. Amen, Sweetie - well said! Have a wonderful holiday! Smiles & Hugs, Robin

  2. What a nice blog! I am new to all of this blogging, but I have used google chrome and havent had any problems yet...Awesome memories, keep up the good work! ~ Sara

  3. No one could say it any better than you just have... Beautiful post on this glorious day of remembrance!


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