Thursday, May 19, 2011

6 Days left to sign up for Giveaway~Baby Chics~Off to the Island again~

Hey you guys come over here ...Look who has come to see us again. What is that thing she has in her hand?
Gezzz what was that I think that thing Blinded me!!

Smile Everyone~Good heavens Speckles you ruined the picture... Turn around and Smile will ya!

Isn't Speckles just the cutest.. She's really shy!!
I can't beleive how fast the Chicks are growing.. they are two weeks old now and just the funniest. Everytime I come in to visit them they get more curious about me... Today the big one decided he really likes me and he pecks at my fingers and stands up real tall.. My guess he's gona be the leader of the pack Rooster!!

Quick remeinder that you all have 6 days left to sign up for my fun guessing game giveaway. It has been really fun reading your comments and seeing how many beds each of you think I made. There are some really good guesses, quit a few of you are close but still no one has guessed exactly how many I made.
I can't wait to see who is the winner..

I thought I was going to get to take a break during my last long week off from workingon the Island but not the case at all.. My neighbor caught up with me as soon as I got back and hired me to help redecorate her house. We started in the Bedroom and worked out way out...We tore out carpet in the bedroom, sanded the old wood floors and they turned out beautiful. Then we painted the walls, doors and all the wood work.
Then we painted an old cabinet and moved it in the bedroom. It looks great in there and gives her so much more room for computer printers and etc on the top and clothing on the bottom.
We painted the Hall and stairway walls while we were at it.
Then we painted the kitchen. she had me redo/sand and paint a long table and a smaller end table.
We cleaned out the barn and organized things in there.
Plus I worked on some new gatherings. So to say the least I didn't get any rest the past week..and here it's time to head back to the Island for 5 days.. I made a good pay check working for my neighbor so finally caught up on all my bills for the moment... I'm sure that won't last long.

Had a couple bad surprises this week... When I turned on my water at the house in Port Clinton I discovered taht one of my water pipes froze over the winter so had to turn off the water...uggg..something else taht needs fixed ASAP.
Thenw hen I went to the gas station and filled up I discovered that my van is leaking gas. I know what the problem is just have to find time and money to get it fixed... pouring 4 dollar a gallon gas on the ground is just not cool!!

Time to start packing for my trip North and to the Island for the next 5 days so until we meet again have a wonderful weekend!!



  1. sheesh woman , dont forget to breathe! Glad you got caught up finally, but as they say when it Rains it pours, hang in there Im praying for ya ! them chicks are too funny , dont ya just love how sassy they are when they are too lil to do anything about it ? lol Enjoy your week up North, have a safe trip. hugs
    lil raggedy angie

  2. Sounds like your keeping BUSY! love those chickies, so cute and hope you can get that gas leak fixed soon!!!

  3. Hi Tonya,
    Boy you stay busy. I'm sure your neighbors home looks beautiful. The chicks are too cute! You best get that gas leak fixed asap, you never know when you'll be driving down the road and someone throws a light cig out. That's dangerous and very costly to say the least.
    Be careful until you get it fixed.

  4. Awww....never could resist a little baby chick. Too, too, cute!! Wheww Girl! You have more energy than anyone I know! I might have to commission you to drive that van down Nod way some day and help get some projects off my List!! Rats - here I thought I had the exact answer!! ;o) Smiles & Hugs (and BREATHE!!!) ~ Robin

  5. have a great weekend and don't work to hard..and hope you get some the little chicks..they are so fuzzy and cute.;)

  6. Cute little chicks. Mine are growing week by week. Be safe. Gas leak sounds scary. Ya $4 gallon gas so sad to loose it & a water leak. You need a break. Prayers lifted. Blessings!


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