Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lookie Lookie what was Born yesterday~Its Back to the Island today~

A fine Sun Shinning Good Morning to all my dear friends.... Yes you read right I said Sun shinning!! It was so bright it woke me up.... I sat up and just enjoyed the moment ...I hope thatyou were Blessed with Good Morning sunshine!!
This is a real quick post as I must get ready to go to the Island for the next 5 days..but I just had to stop by and introduce you all to our newest Critters.
Tuesday night we started to hear peeping coming from the incabator so of course we opened it to see what was going on.
No Baby chics but you could hear them they began to peck there way out of there shells. Seven had there first cracks in there of course everyone was all excited that they would be here soon...Waiting and peeking and waiting and peeking..but no baby's by bed time...
Peg was up early and around 6:30 she started to hear lound peeping so whe went to check and Chic # one had made its way into the world. With the nursery all set up in a tote she transfered the first little Chic to its new home... then another loud peep-peep and they just kept hatching one after the other. We only had to help two out of the first 14 born. They both struggled for about 5 hours so we finally peeled away most of the shells and they made it out a little tired and seemingly weak but within an hour they were up and about in the nursery. so far we have 14 and haven't lost any. they all seem to be healthy and happy little peepers!!

There are still 15 chic eggs in the incabator this morning nad we aren't sure if they are going to hatch or not. We will know within 24 hours..
We also have 12 duck eggs in the incabator due to hatch next week.
 We haven't ever hatched Ducklings so this ought to be really fun. My nieces Hailey and Savana are so am I ..I love chickens and ducks... I will have the parade following me around the yard and coming to visit me at the trailer and shop everyday!!

Aren't they just way to cute..they are all feather footed so they won't be to big when they grow up...

We got the roost and nesting box hung in the barn last Sunday so they will all have a place to hang out and lay there eggs... We will give away most of the roosters and just keep the hens when they are full grown.

As I mentioned I am on my way back to the Island today for the next 5 days... Its Mother's day weekend so most of my rentals are filled. It will be a busy weekend and I won't make it home until Tuesday...probably dog tired but it will be a really good pay day I'll get all caught up on bills... YeeHaa and Thank god!!

Well my Prim Friends I must leave you now and get on the road....but before I go let me wish you all a wonderful day filled with sunshine and happy moments!!



  1. Awwww, those little chickies are just adorable!!!! We FINALLY have sun today, YIPPEE!!!! Of course tomorrow it's back to rain, but I'll take what I can get;)Have a great day Tonya:)

  2. What cute chics! Good luck on the island! ~*~Lisa

  3. oh they are so cuddly..I want to hold one..have a wonderful mothers day weekend and take care of yourself and happy mothers day too:)

  4. Hello Sunshine!!!!
    Happy to hear it.....
    Peeps are adorable. Love ducklings, too!

  5. Tonya,
    Looks like you have your hands full with all the baby chicks. They are so cute.
    Have a good day.
    Country at heart

  6. That is just toooo sweet..I loved it when my boys were little and they would be waiting for our goats to have their kids. I had an intercom in the barn with one in the kitchen so I could hear them. It got very noisey one morning so we went out to check and low and behold there were 19 babies all running around looking for the right Momma. We always seperated the babies from Mom and then milked the Moms and bottle fed the babies..Otherwise she would only produce the amount of milk her babies needed and not enough for my Babies LOL. I think we had 5 Nannies and they always have twins and sometimes 3 or even 4.
    It sure is fun to live where you can enjoy thinks like that. Can't do it any much work just keeping up with my fur babies..Have a great week Tonya

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