Wednesday, May 25, 2011

CongratsTraci -- Guessing Game Winner @ My Primitive Creations

Good Afternoon to all of my prim friends out there and a Special Thanks to all of you who played my guessing game...
Celebrating time we have a winner for the guessing Game.
We had a tie between Traci and Lisa so I ask a tie breaker question. How Many loads of laundry did I do at the two houses that I make beds from top to bottom.
Traci you answered it correctly.
Congrats You're the winner 
Please email me your Name and Address so I can send out your  Necessary Room Tray. Choose a color you like also as I don't remember. 

 I did 11 loads of Laundry
6 loads at the Old Stone House
5 loads of laundry at Sandy Beach House
This was so much fun I think some time during the summer I will have another guessing game giveaway.

Lisa would you please send me your email address also...I have a little something for you too!!
The Moonlit Stitch said...
Hey Tonya! Am I in on the tie? DUH?! If so...I would guess 6 loads of laundry. If not...I am an airhead...LOL! ~*~Lisa
Traci said...
Okay, I guess I am in on the tie breaker questions too... I am guessing with those two houses you did 11 loads of laundry... Boy, I hope that's close...LOL.. Blessings, Traci Again Thanks for Playing the Guessing Game I had a ball and hope you all did too. Have a wonderful week my friends!! Hugs Tonya


  1. Tonya,
    Congrats to the winners, Traci & Lisa! It was a fun game.
    Hope you do it again sometime. I sure would like to win one of your creations.
    Have a good evening
    Country at heart

  2. Yesss... Do I know my laundry or what, LOL.... Thank you so much Tonya for hosting such a fun game. I don't envy you for making all those beds or doing 11 loads of laundry though, LOL...

    Going to email you now...

    Congrats to Lisa, too!


  3. Congratulations Traci and Lisa, what an awesome giveaway and thank you for hosting it!!!

  4. Gratz to you girls!! Tonya, before you make anymore beds you should take a nap in one of them! I think u need the rest, you sound VERY busy!! =)

  5. Congrats Ladies....Thank you so much Tonya for hosting such a awesome fun giveaway!Hugsss Mary

  6. Congratulations Traci & Lisa!!! Lucky gals! Those trays are AWESOME!!! Thanks so much, Tonya, for hostessing this wonderfully fun giveaway! (I still think even one bed made is one too many!) ;o) Smiles & Hugs, Robin

  7. Congrats to Traci and also to Lisa!! That is a lot of beds and a lot of laundry!!8-)

  8. Congrats Traci and thanks for hosting the fun Tonya! Laundry is not my area of expertise! LOL! ~*~Lisa

  9. Congrats to Traci!!! Hope you have a wonderful day and are the QUEEN of bed making and laundry;)


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