Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Look What I found hiding in one of my Totes~New Sneak Peeks~

A fine day to you all... I sure hope that you all are having a good day! Due to all the rain I had to clean out my Red neck shed and try to dry things out a little and fix the tarp roof so it didn't fall in from all the water...So far so good it is still holding up after 4 more days of rain...so my effort worked... for now anyway...
 So while I was cleaning everything I was going threw totes and trying to organize some of the totes and see if I could empty a few of them and basically make room for some other things I need to get moved here.

My point and I do have one..LOL...
As many of you know my trailer decor is Sunflowers, Lazy Susans and some Daisy's..... Well  some 30 years ago I created the above picture using dried flowers. Lazy Susans and other drieds.. I was amazed to find that the picture is still as pretty as ever.. the frame is worn out and could use a revamping but all in all it is perfect..and it goes with my trailer decor... So I washed it up and hung it on the only wall space I have and it fits perfectly..so I thought I would share it with you.

We are having more and more rain and you guessed it..everything is flooded around here again... I am so very tired of this rainy weather... it's messy and leaves everything covered with mud..it floods everything, it's damp and it depressing...very depressing...and worst of all if you suffer from Arthuritis like I do sooner or later it really sets in and gets to every joint you have in your body... I'm not one to ever really take pain meds other then my Celebrex but my hands are hurting so badly and my back that I had to call the doc and get something for the pain...Then we get to add drousy to the combination of pain and depression and you know what you start to feel like yuk from head to toe... I'm sure I'm not the only one out there that is feeling the affects of all this rainy weather and if you are like me just want it to end...

Then to add insult to injury to all that is that my creating has dropped off because it is taking me forever to complete things cause the old hands just aren't working right...and I have 6 houses to clean on the Island this weekend... Yikes that isn't going to be any fun..since it is going to still be raining and the old body is not going to be working properly...

As slow as my hands are creating they did manage to create some really beautiful gathering this week...

~Mustard Open Faced Cupboard~
~ Apothecary Jar Pantry Gathering~

~Open Faced Cupboard Pantry Crock Gathering~

~Sage Green Pantry Shelf Pear Gathering~

~Apothecary Six Drawer Spice Cupboard Gathering~

~Rooster & Hen Pantry Shelf Gathering~

Hope you enjoyed the Eye Candy..if you get a chance stop on over to my Ebay store and check out all the great Gatherings I have listed... You can find the link at the top of the page..

Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement and thoughts on the rising gas prices and how it affects everything in our lives!!

Have a wonderful day my friends and untill we meet again...

Warm blessing are sent your way!!



  1. Tonya,
    Love the new goodes as always! Happy Mother's Day Early to you as well, thanks for stopping by and getting entered in the give away. I too am miserable and so sick of this weather! Enough already! Take care of you , hope you feel better soon! hugs
    lil raggedyangie

  2. Tonya,
    I love your pressed flower picture and all the gatherings you managed to put together. Sometimes when we organize we find hidden treasures we forgot about. I do that when I go to the attic for an item, only to find something I thought I no longer had. We are still getting lots of rain and my body is feeling it also.
    Hope you feel better soon so you can go to the island and enjoy some boating.
    Country at heart

  3. Hang in there Tonya. The sun has to shine soon.
    Hope you feel better.


    Ps luv the spice cabinet gathering

  4. oh I love all of your gatherings.especially the pantry jars one..love it..we have had such wet weather..but the next couple of days say sun..so we are going to take them...it has been cold and damp and my bones feel it too..I hope you feel better..sit on a heating pad at night..it makes me feel better..I even have one in bed with me at night..soothes the old bones...

  5. It's always fun to find something that you forgot you had! Your flower picture looks very nice! And I love all of the creations you come up with! We have had such rainy weather here, too--it can stop anytime now, as far as I'm concerned!! Have a good week! Karen

  6. Sweetie, we are all suffering from bizarre weather syndrome. It is supposed to freeze here tonight! It hasn't rained for a couple days. I am ready for sun, warm sun. We haven't got our garden in or patio pots planted.All we get is grass that needs mowed every 3 days.
    Love all your new gatherings. Makes me wish I had more space.
    Hope Arthur leaves you alone. He has a grip on my knees!

  7. Such wonderful pretties you make:) TOO much rain everywhere, my goodness, out of the last 3 weeks I think we have had about 2 days without any!!! Wondering if we'll have a summer this year:(

  8. I love your pressed flower picture and your gatherings are fabulous! I hope the rain lets up for you soon..has been a strange weather Spring for sure.

  9. I know what you mean about the arthritis and Billy has a lot of pain with it,,The one thing that helped him a lot is when I had him on the Shaklee alfalfa plus I had him on the protein and it does make a difference in him.
    I have been staying busy and have actually had some good things happen in the last few weeks (not the weather though)..I just put a new post in my blog tonight and will be having a give away as soon as I get 100 followers (only need 5 more)
    Hope you can find some relief soon and hope the weather gets better for all of us and SOON
    Love your new gatherings..I found a lot more items in the stuff Billy went and brought home last week. Also found out that they just opened a Good Will store 17 miles from us..can't wait to go check them out.


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