Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Drum Roll Please-How many Beds did Tonya Make? Do we have a winner?

Good Morning my good friends.. It is time to see if we have a winner in my fun Guessing Game giveaway.
Let me start by saying this has been as much fun for me as it has for all of you. I have loved reading all of the post and seeing everyone's guesses. I have found that no one likes making beds...
Thank god I don't mind or I would have to give up my job because believe me I make a lot of beds every week.
Some beds I only have to put pillow cases on the pillows and make the bed to look nice with the spread up and pillows plumped so that counts as making the bed. Some beds I have to make the bed from scratch from clean mattress pad, clean sheets and spread. Only two houses thank heavens. I don't have to strip the beds in any of my houses but I do have to wash all the sheets in two of my houses every week.
Some of you stated that you never had your beds made when having a cleaning person or when you worked as a cleaning person. It is a little different with rentals much like the running of a hotel room.
All beds must be clean due to the different people who sleep in them.

So with all of that said lets get to the total.

Lets start with a list of all of the guesses and the guessers Name
Traci guess 61  Necessary Room Gathering
The Moonlit Stitch
Lisa guess 61 Kindness tray
Rachel guess 63 Necessary Room Gathering
Robin at the Primitive hutch
Robin guess 64 Necessary Room Gathering
Raspberry lane primitives 
Patti guess 85 Necessary Room gathering
Linda parkers Paradise
Linda guess 51 Kindness gathering
Country Pickins
Linda guess 52 necessary room Gathering (Green)
Margie at Hungry Hook Prims
Margie guess 0 Necessary Room Gathering
Tamera guess 0
Gail guess 83 Necessary Room Gathering
The Cranky Crow
Robin guess 47 Necessary Room Gathering
Teri guess 51 Necessary Room Gathering
Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies
Wendy guess 105 Necessary Room Gathering
Tam guess 36 Necessary Room Gathering Blue stripe
Amy guess 42 Necessary Room Gathering
Patti guess 57 Necessary Room Gathering
lavender Dreamer
lavender Guess 55 Kindness
Waxed out Creative Life
Carmen C guess 39 Necessary Room Gathering
firecracker Kid
Carol guess 68 Necessary Room Gathering
Jean @Prim Crafts
Jean guess 43 Kindness
Deppen Homestead 1862
Teresa guess 64 Necessary Room Gathering Black
Primitive Echoes
Kat guess 84 Necessary Room Gathering
Jennifer @ Stitchen Thyme
Jennifer guess 58 Necessary Room Gathering
Nancy Huggins
Nancy Guess 31 Necessary Room Gathering
Mary guess 57 Necessary Room Gathering
Sugar creek Primitive
Michelle guess 52 Kindness
Olde Crow
Wanda guess 95 Necessary Room Gathering
Cabin Fever Primitives
Connie guess 66 Necessary Room Gathering
My Colonial Home
Karen guess 95 Necessary Room Gathering
Tamera Country at Heart
Tamara guess 52 Necessary Room Gathering
Tina's Primitive Attic
Tina guess 57 Necessary Room Gathering
News from Goat Creek Primitives
Debbie guess 31 Necessary Room Gathering
Farmhouse prims
Lucia guess 120 Necessary Room Gathering 

Angie guess 76 Necessary Room Gathering
Nadine guess 58 Necessary Room Gathering
Primitive Betty's
Betty guess 42 Necessary Room Gathering 

Janice guess 53 Necessary Room Gathering  

Pamela guess 44 Necessary Room Gathering
It seems we have a tie so we are going to have to have a tie breaker question. 
Here is the tie breaker question~~~Of the two houses that I make all the beds from top to bottom how many loads of laundry did I do for those two houses???
One hint: the two houses are Sandy Beach House & Old Stone House.
The one who answers closest will be the winner. 
Now down to the total beds made are you ready?

Old Stone House Friday Cleaning~3 bedrooms ~8 beds made
Old Stone House Sunday Cleaning~3 bedrooms~8 beds made
Sandy Beach House Monday Cleaning~4 bedrooms~5 beds made
Scott & Jodie's Place Friday Cleaning~4 bedrooms~1 beds made
Scott & Jodie's Place Saturday Cleaning~4 bedrooms~0 beds made
Breakers Saturday Cleaning~5 bedrooms~8 beds made
Condo 9A Sunday Cleaning~3 bedrooms~5 beds made
Condo 7C Sunday Cleaning~3 bedrooms~4 beds made
Above the Rest Sunday Cleaning~5 bedrooms~6 beds made
Mark's Place Monday Cleaning~3 bedrooms~6 beds made
Carmen's Place Tuesday Cleaning~4 bedrooms~9 beds made
60 beds total
Thank you all for playing it was really fun!!



  1. Wow! Too many for me! I'm worn out just thinking about it!

  2. Tonya,
    I agree with Linda, I think I need a nap now. My bed isn't made yet anyway.
    Country at heart

  3. speaking of beds , mine is already made, but I am so with the other ladies , I think Ill go muss it up a bit and try napping! lol Tonya I don't know how you do all you do im gonna start calling you " Super Tonya" !!! Congrats to the lucky winner whomever she may be ! Tonya thanks for hosting such a great fun give away ! enjoy your day! hugs
    lil raggedy angie

  4. Hey Tonya! Am I in on the tie? DUH?! If so...I would guess 6 loads of laundry. If not...I am an airhead...LOL! ~*~Lisa

  5. Okay, I guess I am in on the tie breaker questions too... I am guessing with those two houses you did 11 loads of laundry...

    Boy, I hope that's close...LOL..


  6. Thats a lot of beds. I for one hate to make the bed. Blessings!

  7. Congratulations girls! I wasn't too far off:) Close, but no cigar! LOL. Thanks Tonya!


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