Friday, March 2, 2012

Creating A+++ Figuring out Changing things on Blog F= Flunk I need Help!

Good Morning my Prims...I hope this day finds you all having a Happy Friday!
Before I start please allow me to say I don't know if this blog is a cry for help in this technical world I live in or simply a rant!!
I decided to go blog hopping before I headed South and in reading every ones Blog I realized that I am just about one of the dumbest when it comes to understanding and changing things on my Blog.. I see all these beautiful back grounds and links posted on the side bars and I just sigh with frustration at how difficult for me it is to comprehend how all of it works. If I try to change somethings I totally mess up my blog..if I try to add something it never works. I'm clueless how to back up my blog..I join new blogs and try to update my blog list and it doesn't work. I tried to add a counter nope that didn't work either. And that is just a few things I've dabbled in trying...

Now I suppose I could blame all of this on my thyroid problem and the confusion and memory loss it has caused but I must be realistic here... I never could figure any of it out before my thyroid went on the I must confess I am what you would call technically challenged...
Hand me a shelf, some sand paper, paint and walls filled with prim wares and I can Create the most beautifully Prim gathering around but send me to a help page and I'm ready to have a anxiety attack...None of it makes any sense to me at all... Part of it is that they tell you go to this or that place to change this or that and when you get there it tells you to do such and such and well ok exactly what is such and such.. One must know what such and such is before one can do such and you click on the help link and you read that which take you to a new page so you can do this first before you can do that thing you started doing when you clicked the first link..and before I know it I am someplace I've never seen or knew about and I can't figure out how to get back to where I started... Are you seeing this picture I'm painting here...So I give up in total frustration... Thus you still see my blog page the same as it was the day I started Blogging!!

My great sense of humor allows me to laugh at my lack of computer, blog, Internet Savoy.... Thank God
BUTT I'm getting a little worried that I must learn quickly if I don't want to lose touch with all of you out there that put the Sunshine in my day with your Daily Blogs...

For starters I keep reading that Friend Connect is being phased out..... so many of you are telling your followers to follow you using some other link...Like Linkys, or Frog something..
How long do I have to figure out how to add a new follower link to my Blog before Friend Connect is gone?

So what happens to all of our followers and people we follow if Friend connect is phased they just disappear?

Where do I find these links and how do I get them on my blog?

How do I get my followers to link to my blog using another link...once I figure out how to put the link on my blog?

Oppps I almost forgot how do I get that link on my Blog...?

Now me having the sense of humor that I have I can accept all the giggling from all of you who find this all so easy..but at the same time I know I'm surely not along in this never ending world of changing Technology.
It seems to me that I just learn to work all this stuff and they go and change it on me...
They do it on blog, on ebay, an Photobucket you name it.. I realize the people changing things need to work to make a living and they got enough brains and tech savoy to fill an old barn ...but don't they understand if it works just leave it alone so all of us can enjoy reading our Friends Blogs, commenting and writing our blogs so friends can comment...
But Noooooooooooo they have to go and make it difficult for the Technically challenged few of us out there!

So now that I have ranted, and given some of you a big giggle and of course found others who are as challenged as I am at figuring all of this out...... I was wondering if anyone out there among you understands how the creative minds works and knows how to teach an old dog new tricks so to speak...and can help me figure out some of these things... Remember sending me to a directions page with links to this and that doesn't work to well for me...but willing to try.

Ok I have ranted long enough and humbled myself more then I'd like...I guess its time to pack up the computer and my belongings and head South... got a two hour drive to make and darn it all it is raining.. uggg was hoping for sunshine again...Plenty of time to create gathering in my mind on the way home...
It was a nice break coming North for a couple days.. Picked up my meds at the doctors, got my boat taken care of, trimmed a few tree limbs,  sat in the middle of the floor creating rag covered Eggs...63 total while I watched old movies and I stopped at several Thrift stores while I was up here and found a few nice things to use creating. so its time to head home...

Until we meet again may your day be filled with happy thoughts!!


PS and that cute little REPLY under each comment..what exactly does that link do? I clicked it and nothing happened. Am I supposed to write a reply in the whilte comment box click send & it shows a reply under the comment? or is it simply not working on my blog page.. I know I forgot to read the directions..Nope that isn't it I never seen any directions & don't have a clue where to find them there directions if there are any..but some of you know how it works cause I've seen reply's under comments.


    Very easy. It gives you the html to add to your sidebar. I stuck mine under my Google followers. Only people who don't use blogger will have to follow you with the Linky thing, i.e..People who are on word press. Your Google followers will not disappear, I have been told. As for blogger, my prob for a month now is that I cannot manage the blogs I follow, it will not let me delete one's I don't wish to follow anymore. Waiting for a response from Goog for that one.

  2. Oh Tonya you're too funny. I would like to be able to help you but you are too far away. If you want to tell me how to sign in to your blog maybe I can change some things for you if you want, you'll have to send me an email.


  3. LOL...Tonya..I hope your trip home is better than messing with you blog ;)

    I am using linkyfollowers (like the link above) Just sign up for your free account and then it will give you a html code to copy/paste on your blog. To do this just go to your dashboard, click design, then add a gadget. You will then see a list of all gadgets you can add, just click the html one, then paste in your code.

    You have to ask your followers to follow through the other format.

    All templates, pics, etc. on blogs & sidebars are added this way. Some with html code, some just a direct upload of a picture.

    Oh and the reply button under comments, you can type a reply on anyone's comment, it will appear under the comment to which you are replying. Great if someone asks a question that you would like other readers to see the answer to.

    K...I think that about covers it...if you need help just give me a shout. Hugs, Traci

  4. Oh good golly Miss made my head spin just reading this. I wish you were close enough to come over and just show you a few things - I take it you're a "visual" learner....And I'm no expert and still learning things meself. I can't possibly address all your questions here in a comment, but will choose one thing that I think is somewhat easy to explain in writing and that I've seen you mention in other folks' comments - i.e., how to post on your sidebar. See if this makes sense and let me know:

    1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard (when you sign in to Blogger - if you don't know how to do this, we're in big trouble)....

    2. Click on the tab that says "Design"

    3. Depending on the format you've chosen for your blog, you will see tabs in various places that say "Add a Gadget".....For yours, if you want to add something to your right sidebar, click on the "Add a Gadget" tab (in blue) over on the right....

    4. A new box will open. On the right, scroll down until you find the box that says "Picture" (it has a picture of a tree) - click on the + sign on the right.....

    5. A box that says "Configure Image" will pop up. Here, in the "Title" box, type in whatever you want to appear ABOVE the picture, etc. that you're adding. In the "Caption" box, type in whatever you want to appear underneath the picture you're adding. In the box that says "Link" backspace, or delete over the "http://" that is automatically filled in here; then copy and paste the link to wherever you want the picture to take your readers (so, e.g., if you are posting a giveaway and want to send the reader to the "ABC Blog", copy the ABC Blog's url (to to this, just right click on the url at the top of the screen when you're on ABC Blog, select "copy" - then go back to your dashboard design page and in the link box right click again and select "paste".

    6. In the image box, select the photo that you want to appear. To do this, you have to have the photo saved to your computer first. So, for example, if it's ABC's giveaway picture, you will have to have right clicked on their photo and selected "save image as" to save it to your computer....Then when you want to get it for your sidebar, hit "browse" to go find where you saved the image as.... [If you have problems with this part, let me know and I'll go into more detail....]

    7. Once your photo, title, caption, and link are all there, click "Save" on the bottom left of the page.

    8. Now you will be back at the "Add and Arrange Page Elements" of your design page. If you look, your "ABC Giveaway" will appear on the top of the things on the right (right under "Add a Gadget"). If you do nothing, it will stay there on top of everything else on your sidebar....If you want to moved it (e.g., I arrange my giveaways chronologically), simply drag it using your mouse to where you want it to be.

    9. After you move it where you want it, go up to the orange "SAVE" button and click on that to save what you've done and where you've put it.

    10. You can then click on "view blog" to see how it looks.....

    You can add lots of other gadgets too, but am only giving you directions for the "pictures" one - but it's pretty much the same idea for the other things.

    Try this once and let me know how it works for you.....Once you mater that, I'm sure we can get you up to speed on a few other things.

    Good luck!

    Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Hi Tonya,

    I have had a hard time doing things too. But I have gotten some of them figured out. Finally :)

    Robin did a great job of explaining how to put something on your sidebar. That is actually what I just figured out as far as Giveaways.

    I did find that it was best to start by saving the picture first. Mine go right to my desktop.

    I like changing my background a lot. You may have noticed that. If you'd like to know about that please email me and I can email you back or you can leave your number and we can go step by step together. There are several sites that have free backgrounds with the html codes to copy. Let me know ok. :)

    Gotta run. Stay safe, take care Janet W

  6. Don't feel bad Tonya, I've been trying to learn facebook and it still confuses me...and Pinterest won't let me play LOL. I've stayed up for hours and hours into the wee hours of the am trying to figure things out. I Google until I find good instructions. Usually the best help is on a forum given by people who have experienced the same problem. I've wondered about Linky also. Hope you find good answers ~*~Lisa

  7. Woooohoooo, looks like Robin has the answers for you...thank goodness...she's got it right on the head now you should be able to do it!
    I don't get FB...can't seem to get it straight.
    Also...I pray we don't loose our followers but I guess if i loose mine I will just put on a linky gadget and start all over...most of my followers don't show up to comment anyway so not sure how many actually come on and read it anyway.


  8. Hi! Tonya,

    I completely know what you mean. The whole Linky, Pinterest thing can be a bit frustrating at times. I'm still working on it. lol

    Just takes a little extra navigating the sites. I am certain all will turn out ok. Bonne chance!

    Have a wonderful day!

    Blessings & Hugs,

  9. Yes I'm a TOTALLY VISUAL person that's why I get so confused when trying to read directions and applying them...
    Thanks everyone who gave me great directions here I may be able to give this a try.
    Glad you all got to enjoy the giggle...I knew you would...

  10. Hello, I'm Mrs. JP, our blog is called The Little Dog Shelter in the Holler--here's the link. I don't know how to make it a link. My hubby does all that stuff for me.
    I am here because we have thyroid trouble in common and Carmen said I could come and complain to you and you would understand. I have graves disease, have taken the Radioiodine pill and am still waiting the allotted time to start on (hopefully) hypo-thyroid meds. I never knew what fatigue was until this. I could go on but let me say it's nice to know a kindred spirit. My prayers are with you. Blessings from the holler

  11. Oh my goodness Tonya, thank you for being my eighth follower!! And, hey, we are all in the same boat with all this social media stuff! It opens so many doors, and lets us meet so many wonderful friends, but it is oh, so trying! You are not alone:) Your latest follower Jane


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