Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sneak Peek Tonya's been a busy Bee Creating~Priceless Moment~Count down to Surgery~

A hug howdy to all my Prim Friends ... It's a beautiful day here in Ohio 80 plus..I'm way diggin this sunshine..It has sure been a wonderful Blessing...funny how the sun shine picks ups ones spirits and makes them smile!!
I've been working every evening in the shop ..creating as many gatherings as I can before I go under the dreaded knife next Tuesday... last weekend Hailey decided she wanted to spend the night with Aunt Tonya. Which of course means spending half the night in the shop... We created her a little bed on the floor out of my exersise mat and a blanket.. the picture above is Hailey laying on her bed on the shop floor with Lisa Kitty giving her some special lovin!! Is taht not just the most priceless picture..They both fell asleep about half an hour later...
Haily brushing Lisa right before they decided to lay down...
I just had to share those priceless moments with you all...

Now let me share all of the gatherings I've created and gotten listed on hopes of making a little while I am recovering...
~Primitive Shaker Box Faith & Hope Gathering~
If you turn the box around it reads Faith
~Primitive Wall Keep Gathering~
~Primitive Necessary Room Gathering~
~Primitive Necessary Room Gathering~

~Primitive Vintage Wall Or Cupboard Side Keep Gathering~
~Primitive Homestead Window pane Gathering~
~Primitive Teddy Bear Tricycle Gathering~
~Primitive Necessary Room Gathering~

~Primitive Pantry Crow Gathering~

~Primitive Pantry Basket Gathering~
~Primitive laundry Room Gathering~
~Primitive Butter Churn Pantry Gathering~

~Primitive Medicine Cupboard Gathering~

~Primitive Necessary Room Stool Gathering~

There you have it all my Creative hands have created in the past 10 days. tonight I hope to finish a read Box Gathering and a couple more Necessary Room Gatherings. If there is time I will probably create more before Tuesday but much to do to get ready for surgery.

Yes the countdown to Surgery day Tuesday the 28th is on and my list is growing. I need to make sure Puddles gets his bath so he can spend a few days with his buddy's Jackson and Batman at John and Laura's house.  I have to get his blankets and doggie bed washed too..
Then of course I need to get my laundry done, my suit case packed, my house cleaned and fresh sheets on the bed before Monday...
Keeping busy creating has helped with my case of nerves I've developed about this surgery...This is the first time in my life that I've ever been anxious and worried about a surgery before and I have had no less then 20 surgeries over my life time... Not sure why I'm feeling that way but I don't much like it at all..I think maybe part of it is being sick for so long I worry that the surgery won't resolve so many of these health issues and other reasons too I'm sure.. 
But I just keep praying that all of it will soon be over with and I will be well on my way to recovery and feeling like myself in the next couple of weeks. 
I will have someone let you all know how the surgery goes Tuesday!

Peg and I are going to work on Flower beds this evening and I'm looking forward to getting my hands all dirty.. I won't last long but I'm happy I can at least give it all I got to get them started.

I do hope all of you are enjoying wonderful Sunshine like we are here... 

Have a Wonderful day my friends. 



  1. I love your gatherings. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Enjoy your great weather.

  2. I will keep sending prayers that the surgery goes super and you have a quick recovery! Love the gatherings, so adorable! I deleted my Pinterest boards after reading your other post this afternoon, just too scary and not a risk I want to take;) Enjoy the weather, we are getting it here in PA too, so nice:)

  3. Love your gatherings...awesome as always!!
    Saying prayers for you with your surgery and recovery...and for your nerves to calm.

  4. Ahhhhhh! Those photos of Hailey & kitty Lisa are sooooo adorable!

    Tonya, your Gatherings are just beautiful! You did an amazing job ;o) Boy! you sure have been busy as a bee. It does keep your mind off the surgery. Hang in there!

    Pleased to hear your having sunny & great weather too. So do we. Woo hoo! It was almost 40C on the patio yesterday and we have no more snow :o)I love it!

    I am keeping you in my prayers for a successful surgery and speedy recovery. Sending you good thoughts ;o)

    I am having a Giveaway! So, don't forget to stop by and enter the draw. Just go to my website.

    Have a great day! Take care.

    Blessings & Hugs,


  5. What beautiful gatherings you have created friend. Love the pictures of Hailey & Lisa. Will be thinking and praying for you in the upcoming days.


  6. Hi Tonya,
    Oh what beautiful pictures of Haily and Lisa kitty...who by the way looks exactly like our 'baby' - only I think our baby is double the size of Lisa.

    Your gatherings are gorgeous and will sell right away kiddo.

    I am praying and will continue to pray for you Tonay...everything will be great...and you will feel much, much better - I just know it.


  7. Praying right along with you. Wonderful gatherings. Good luck. Blessings!

  8. Love all your creations,,,that blue and white pitcher is adorable!!
    I am praying that you will receive "the peace that passes all understanding" and that God will guide the surgeons hands and your healing. Rest in Him my friend and know we're praying. God is hearing your name lots!!!

  9. oh I wish my home were bigger..cause i love!!! all of your have been busy..and I love the photos of hailey and your kitty all snuggled together..too purreccccious..:) keep will take your mind off the sucks going under the one likes it..even if you have had a lot of surgeries in the past..I pray it will make all the difference in the world for you..because you are too sassy to stay put down..enjoy your weekend.)

  10. OMG!! I wish I had tons of extra $$$ cause I would bid on several of your gatherings! They are soo awesome! I hope things go well for you with your surgery. I would love to send you get well wishes so if you could email your mailing address I would love to be able to send you a card.

  11. Tonya,
    I will say a prayer that everything goes well for your surgery and you will be healed once and for all! I'm always amazed that no matter whats going on with your health, you push yourself through and keep going. I guess us single gals gotta have extra strength! I hope you have a good week and Stop by my blog for a visit soon! PS I'm not sure if you are following my new blog, but I know you always followed my old one.


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