Friday, March 9, 2012

Creative Inspiration by those of u who lose there Rings & The girls Room is Finished

Hello my Prims... I hope that you all have had a good week!
While I was blog hopping the other night I read a post about someone losing there wedding ring..then of course there were a ton of comments from those of us out there that have misplaced a Ring, Necklace, Ear Rings..of course many of the comments were about how there Darling Kitty's loved shinny Bling of all kinds and would take off with them..
Well reading all about the loss of every one's creative mind started working over time.. You see I have all these little crates & trunks that I just never really found a great idea for them...then all of a sudden it came to me..Why not create some Ring/bling/ table side or counter side Prim Ring Keeps.
So that's exactly what I did.
This first one is an ~ Americana Ring Keep ~It is just the cutest little Ring Keep.
I hand stitched three little tiny 2" tall x 1' wide little bags that sit down in the crate. You can just drop your Ring~Necklace~Ear rings down in one of the little bags when you need to take them off.
Then when you want to put them back on you just lift the little bag out, dump your ring in your hand, put it on and then sit the little bag back down in the Rink Keep.

The Second Ring Keep I created is an
 ~Aged Little wood Trunk ring Keep & Journal~

I hand stitched three little bags and tucked them down in the truck along with a Quilt Covered paper Journal.

If any of you are interested in having me create a Ring Keep for you let me know.
Just Email me at the Special Order Email address
$21 Free Travel Fare


Many of you have been following me and have heard me talk about My two Nieces Bedroom ReDo.
We finally finished putting in the new Ceiling Tiles.
The girls cleaned there room by themselves and we took pictures to share with you.
First meet Savana
She is 12 yrs old.
She loves to be out doors spending time with her Horses,Goat, sheep & Kitty's.
Cleaning her room is the last thing on Earth she wants to do. But she is also the one who tells me the most that she loves her room the way it is now.
As you have heard me mention Savana is ADHD and has great difficulty focusing on things but as you can see she is very proud of her old bedroom all cleaned and fixed up. If you look closely you can see her Horse Collection on her half of the big shelf above the bed.

Meet Hailey the Princess of the family 
Hailey is 10 years old.
Hailey loves to be outside too but she isn't into the animals like Savana is. She would rather be creating something, or planting flowers. She does love her Kitty's.

This is the Big shelf I hung above there new Beds and told them that they needed to put there favorite things on the shelf. If you look real close you can see the mark in the middle. They had such a great time setting up each side of there shelf. I found the cute little night stand at the GW for $ perfect for them to keep there hair bin on and there alarm clock. They put games in the bottom.

This is a desk we had found for our craft room at GW for $5. Peg and I decided they needed a desk for all there papers and books so we brought it down along with an old vintage chair Peg had.  Beside the desk we gave them a tote to roll up there blankets and keep them in there rather then throwing them on the floor. To my amazement they have done really well rolling them up and tucking them in the tote.
Next to the desk on the left I hung big bike hooks in there tall free standing dress closet so they could hang purses, book bags and other bags on.

This is there dresser that holds there Socks & Under garments. Each Drawer has tape on it telling them what goes in the drawer. Each girl has one side. Just to the right you can see clothing hanging up. I took two old free standing clothing racks apart and used the rods to create a ceiling hanging clothing rack for them. works out much better since they can see there clothes and aren't digging in a closet throwing things on the closet floor.
Now as for all the stuffed animals on top of the dresser I did my best to get them to part with as many as possible and they did give away about 50 but as you can see they still have a long way to go. So we put two crates on top of the dresser and a board across it to create a Stuffed animal heaven. The rule is if they are on the floor then they must not want them so in the trash they go ... So far so good they have kept them picked up.
This is the Wall across from there beds. With all of the dressers and there Toy` box. I don't know if you can see above the dolls heads in the toy box but I hung an AWESOME banner on it one day when I did room check and there room was clean and picked up ... The two boxes on the top of the toy box is there point boxes they made. Each night they get a good or negative paper(preprinted) to put in there box and at the end of the month they turn in there points to earn money. If they have negative points they have to subtract it from there positive points before they get there money,.
Look at the Blue Wall. Those are Bed Sheets we hung all the way around the room to cover up the foam insulation that is on the walls. It turned out really nice and was cheap..GW $9.00 to do the whole room.
Look up and you see all the new ceiling tiles we put in.
We hung a string across the back of this wall for them to hang all of there posters. They absolutely loved that idea. The rule is if you get a new poster you have to take one down.
The Brown dresser is Savana's. Notice we have tape on each drawer so she knows here her clothes go.

This Dresser is Hailey's also has tape on the drawers. I found this solid heavy sturdy dresser at none other then GW for $20 bucks. It's so sturdy even the girls can't break the drawers on this one. and best of all it was blue so it went with the walls.
We had them go threw all there CD's and put them back in the cases and then we stacked them in a crate.
Rule for CD's on the floor is you must not want them so they go in the Trash. We don't really throw them away we just take them away for a while but they think we throw them away so they have done really well after the first two they lost...LOL...

Miss Hailey posing for the last Picture...

So there you have it the redecorated Bedroom...that is teaching two little girls how important it is to take care of your things so that you can keep them nice. They have learned so much from this experience and I am so proud of them..
I wish I would have taken a picture of the total mess the room was before we started this project but I didn't. If I would have you would see what a transformation has taken place here and how well the girls are doing especially Savana. Hailey was always pretty good at taking care of her things. 
One of the things they are working on now and have done pretty good at is taking there jammies and folding them and laying them on the end of the bed in the morning. 
Each week I try to introduce something new they can do to make there life easier and to keep things organized. i make a game and challenge of it so it is easier for them to try it and work on it. 
We found them a small vacuum cleaner at GW for $3 bucks and they take turns sweeping there room once a week. Last week they had to try to put on clean sheets & make there beds all by themselves. Hailey did really well, Savana ask for help but all things considered she did pretty good. 
They now put away all of there own clothes whidhis easy with the tqpe on the drawers.
Its been a great experience for them and it has helped there mom in many ways as well.

Time to call it a day I'm whipped... so I will bid you all a Good night..



  1. You really struck 'gold' with this idea, Tonya! I love the little bling holders!
    You are a wonderful aunt to those two lovely girls and are doing a great job of helping them take on responsibilities. As the banner says, AWESOME!
    Best wishes

  2. Good morning Tonya. I love the ring keep idea and your creations turned out great. The girl's rooms look so organized. It is fun to decorate kids rooms. I just finished my granddaughter's room and she loves it. All it needed was some organization for her do her crafts.
    Country at heart

  3. What a great idea for the ring keeps, very prim too;) Looks like some happy girls in their new room, turned out great! Sending thoughts and prayers your way as you await your surgery!

  4. Fantastic idea!
    I keep mine in a little bowl on the dresser...I like this idea much better (then they are out of site too!)

    What a wonderful auntie you are...the girls will never forget how you helped them through their young lives. Such a sweet room depicting each of their love for things.

    Praying for you Tonya


  5. You all have done a wonderful job. The room looks great especially stuffed animal heaven.


  6. where were you when I was a little girl..( you were a little girl with me thats what)..I shared a bedroom with my little sister and it was a disaster..our room was a mess..heck even when we got our own rooms they were still a when I got married and took care of a has never been messy craft room is the only thing that I would consider messy..I hate did a great job..and I love your little ring/jewelry gatherings you made...they are prim wonderful.;)like you..have a great weekend;)

  7. Love your prim ring keeps!!
    What a great aunt to help the girls get their room all orangized.
    Have a good weekend.

  8. Love the ring keeps ~ such a wonderful idea!!!
    Your an Awesome Aunt ~ the girls are very lucky to have you!!! Wonderful job on the room!
    Kudos to the girls for keeping it looking nice!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    Prim Blessings

    P.S. Thanks so much for the wonderful prim eggs ~ there AWESOME!

  9. Hi! Tonya,

    Your ring keep creations are great! What a fab! idea. Looks really nice!

    The girls rooms turned out lovely. You are inspirational for them. Their aunt is wonderful :o) Keeping you in my prayers. Hang in there ok.

    Have a sunny weekend!

    Blessings & Hugs,

  10. Where were you when Nellie was younger :) It is kind of funny because I did the same thing with post it notes on Billy's dresser drawers hoping that maybe he would put his clothes away in the right places instead of just stuffing them anywhere. You did good on the girls rooms and it is something they will always remember :)


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