Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My New VintageTable-Christrmas Decorations-Tasha Kitty-Update-

Hohoho Christmas wishes  to all my Dear Prim Friends... I can smell all those Cookies you all have been baking..Yummy pass me a few to sample please...
I'm not going to bake but I did pick up all the stuff to make Chex Mix. My favorite snack ever! I always make Chex Mix & give everyone on the Christmas list...The fun part is shopping all year at the Thrift stores looking for Special Christmas Tins to put it in as gifts!
I got the best surprise the other day... Really cheered me up too...My SIL Peg's Brother brought an old Vintage Table here & dropped it off telling her he thought she might like it.. She told she had no place to put I said, "maybe it will fit in the trailer, if you don't want it I'd love to have it.."

Yeehaw..... she said, take it I don't have anywhere to put it...
I was so excited cause I totally love this table.. I had to do some major changes to fit it in the trailer but once It did I loved it even more. I couldn't believe how perfectly it fit once I moved the big rocker I had in the trailer....I replaced the Rocker with a regular vintage Straight Back chair.. Love!!
I've got like 3 extra foot of living room space moving the Rocker out..Huge Blessing cause it was cramped in the living room area...I was able to put Puddles Doggie bed under the table which gave us even more space. 
the Basket of Kitty toys fit under the Straight back chair...more floor space...I put my big Vintage Tin of lego's beside the chair as an end table ..Perfect!! Plus the table has a huge drawer in it that I stored my DVD player and all my DVD's other Perfect!! Best of all now I have a place to decorate and sit things. I am loving the way it looks.. 
God Bless the person who was throwing this beautiful table away and God Bless Bobby for trash picking it & bringing it up here for Peg who gave it to me...
Once I got the table all set up I decided to set up my Tree and other Christmas decorations. I covered the straight Back chair with my Teddy Bear Christmas Throw.. and a little Snowman I got at Good Will for 49 cents. I draped my fake Kitty over the back of the chair cute! I found the Builder Santa at the Good Will for $2 and I sat him behind the Chair. Look at the fish tank I even hung a little Santa on the back of the fish tank... My silly Gold Fish keeps going to the glass and watching the Santa...I think she is waiting for it to move or something or she wants to make friends with Santa..hehe!

I sat my Tree on my beautiful new table and decorated it wit some old wood Decorations I found out in my Red neck Shed.. LOL.. I make rag Garland and who forgets to put on the rag garland...That would be me...Didn't even realize it till I looked at the pictures.. Gezzzz the mind is going!!
I found the cute sign in front of the tree at the Good will for 49 cents.. I found the Hallmark Musical Snowmen Decorations at Good will for $1.00. I sat one beside the Tree.

I sat the Hallmark Piano playing Snowman on the ledge beside my sofa...
I still can't believe I found the hallmarks for just a dollar each...what a deal and they both still work great.
Tasha decided she wanted to be part of the decorating so she got up on the chair next to her fake Kitty.. She actually cleans the silly fake Kitty...
 After she finished cleaning her fake Kitty friend she decided to check out the tree...
 Oh Mom...would you please stop flashing that stupid light in my eyes...can't you see I'm trying to relax under this here Tree you sat here!!
I found another Santa at Good Will for a $1 and i sat him on the other side of my sofa.
I haven't gotten my shelves decorated yet but hope to gets some Pine Bow on them with some little Snowmen sometime today...
I've got most of my Christmas presents wrapped and ready to deliver. My Christmas cards addressed & ready to mail...
So other then making my Chex mix, I think I can say I'm now ready for Christmas and can sit back, enjoy my decorations and the Holiday Season...

Update on the health issues...
I had two great days after my niece gave me an upper body massage Sunday night and relieved some of the muscle spasms, jerks & pain in my neck, back, shoulders, arms and hands... I wish she had time to stop over every day and massage away the pain...Wouldn't that be awesome...but no such luck I'm afraid.. LOL..I felt so much relief after she finished, I even offered to pay her to stop by every other day but she wouldn't take the tip/money... 
I'm still having severe muscle cramps, spasms & pain. The swelling has gotten worse in my legs & feet so I had to loosen my shoe laces as far as they would go to wear my shoes.
I took advantage of the two day reprieve and done my wrapping & decorating which I'm sure irritated all the muscles because last night they started in on there spazzzing & jerking again. Which of course brings back the pain. 
I can feel the Thyroid growing in my neck which is making it harder to swallow...
I'm so tired all I want to do is sleep which makes me so miserable...& makes the arthritis pain so much worse.
Another thing that has started happening is I can't remember things.. or concentrate at all on anything for more then a few minutes...I'm told that this is normal when the Thyroid isn't working properly... 
This Thyroid sure is a wicked gland when it goes haywire on ya.

I keep trying to remember I only have a couple of weeks before I see the Endocrinologist and a month before I see the Rhumatologist and hopefully some relief is store for me..but its hard when you are in so much pain and your body has a mind of its own jerking & spazzing all over the place...while it swells up like a balloon & your clothes don't fit ya..and all you want to do is sleep. So weird...This is not me at all... I don't even know the person living in my body anymore........she's a total stranger... I don't like her either..LOL...

I received all the paper work form all the doctors & SSI good heavens 6 large envelopes full of papers to fill out.. Over whelming..and such a pain in the back side when you feel like total crud. Complicated too...wish I knew someone who had done this before who could help me with all the paper work...especially since it is so hard to concentrate for very long... But like I said I'm a fighter so I will prevail one way or the other.. 

Time to get busy... try to get a few things done around here.. I hope take myself to the shop this evening and do a little creating....
Thank you all for sharing all your Christmas Decor and Christmas Cheer....makes my day!!
Until we meet again... May your day be filled with happy moments!!

Christmas Blessings


  1. I love your new table Tonya!! What a great early Christmas gift to you! Sometimes a new piece is all we need to make some changes that should have been made long time ago....Glad you got your holiday cheer on! You're ahead of me - no shopping done either. Sigh. Oh well, it will come whether I'm ready or not (not that that makes me feel any better!) Sorry your still feeling punky - hang in there and hold on to the hope that the specialists will be able to provide some relief.....Happy Wednesday to you! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Tonya, I know those appt's can't come soon enough for you and I am praying they get you some help to calm this down! Your home looks so cozy and welcoming, love the tree:) Hang in there ((hugs))

  3. Great Christmas decorations!!!
    I don't know how you always seem to find such wonderful goodies at such a great price???
    Sorry to hear that you are in so much pain.
    I hope once you can get to the Dr's they can fix you right up!!!
    Hope you have a Wonderful Christmas!
    Thanks so much for sharing!!!
    Prim Blessings

  4. dang I wish they could help you right you can get back to doing what you love and being you again..I love that side table..and love that it gave you more room and storage space..gotta love free..hope you get to do some creating today:)

  5. Tonya,
    Great find at the MIL has those same Hallmark snowmen. What a great price you got them for.
    Keeping you in my prayers.

  6. Hi tonya hey grab some tissue salts they will help with the cramping they are a musle relaxent thats what i gave mum for hers and after 2 days of taking them they really did help mum with the cramps...
    and what a score with that table it looks great!!

  7. Love your decorating Tonya. It looks so cozy. New table is great. Hope you can get your papers all straightened out and receive your benefits. I may have missed something here but can't they take out your thyroid and give you medicine to replace it? Does that sound dumb? I should have googled this.

    Hugs friend

  8. Love Love Love the new table Tonya..I would have to tweek to fit in my house too. I Love the way your kitty is looking at the tree..My kitty Anndarie liked to sleep on the tree skirt last year (no tree this room) I will look for a smaller tree at sales after Christmas and put on dining room table next yr. I know it seems like a long time waiting for your appts and to bad they weren't sooner but I am anxious to hear the outcome. I know it is also hard to remember things when you have pain so I know that is no fun too.
    Your little trailer looks so festive and warm and cozy. Hurry over to my blog and sign up for my give is the last day

  9. Your home is so inviting with all the Christmas decor, Tonya! Hang in there!!!! ~*~Lisa

  10. You found some great things at the Goodwill! And I like your new table. Your house looks very Christmasy. I hope you feel better soon. I have a hypothyroid--I have been on medicine for years, but I understand the weight gain, fatigue, and just feeling awful! Praying you get some relief soon. Have a Merry Christmas!! Karen

  11. Morning Tonya,
    You left such a sweet comment on my blog...THANK YOU!
    Your new table is wonderful and even better because it was FREE...these are the best finds aren't they?
    Your kitties love being near or on anything NEW just like mine do. And normally they claim it!!!! Love all your decorating and what fantastic deals you found at GW.

    I'm sorry you are still in pain...I can relate - honestly I can. It's debilitating at times but like you I get through it.

    Blessings and Merry Christmas.

  12. Hi Tonya, I found your blog, what a great table you got there, and so many wonderful finds at the GW store. I hope you feel better soon, it is hard to get older...everyday I wake up with something else hurting or acting up. I too have thryoid problems...I love your posts on my blog, and thank you for stopping by. Have a wonderful Christmas, your home looks so inviting. Feel better my friend. Hugs, Denise


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