Friday, December 2, 2011

Some Good news & A huge Thanks for all your Prayers-Bless you all

Good Morning to all my Prim Friends.. I hope this day finds you well..
I wanted to remind everyone that I make Rag Garland and have several 100 feet made just in time for Tree Decorating. the Garland is sold in 12ft sections but if more then 12 feet is ordered I don't cut it I leave itin a the length/feet you ordered plus 2 feet of extra twine if you choose to cut it.
12 ft $14.95 includes shipping.

I also have Rag Ball Ornaments made to be hung on your tree. The Rag Balls vary in size from 1" to 1/2", varied colors. They come with twine loop for hanging them on your Tree.
The Rag Balls come in a set of 12 at $14.95 includes shipping.

If you are interested shot me an email at the special order Email shown at the top of my Blog.

Again I want to Thank all of you for your encouraging words and prayers while I fight the health problems I'm having with my Thyroid. Honestly you have no idea how much they have encouraged me and helped to keep me strong when I am so weak.
I'm out of the hospital, off all meds other then Ativan to help stop the Jerks, muscle Spasms and muscle cramps. I wish I could tell you that it is helping but the fact is not much. I was up most of last night with one muscle spasm and muscle cramp after the other till it brought me to knees and a flood of tears. My poor fur babies were frightened out of there wits but they stayed close to me as each one would come and go... God Bless there love ..I would pet them to try to calm my body...At one point in the night I remember thinking this was as bad a labor I used my Breathing I learned to help and it did...
My poor body is totally out of control and there is nothing I can do to make it better until my Thyroid decides to work properly again...Seems the only solution is to get into see an Endocrinologist so that they can figure out how to regulate my haywire thyroid. 
I have applied to Ohio State University Hospital for financial aide and should know by Tuesday if I have been accpeted.
The good news for the day is This morning I received a call from Ohio State letting me know they have set up an appointment with an Endocrinologist. They couldn't get me in until December 30th so I will have to manage for the rest of the month but Thank God they were able to get me in as quickly as possible.
If I am accepted into there program for financial assistance it will apply to the Doctor as well as the hospital emergency room cost.
At this point I can't walk more then 10 feet without going into a spell of uncontrolled jerking, muscle spasms & muscle cramps. The numbness & pain in my arms, hands, feet and legs is non stop and far beyond explaining.
All I can say is this is the strangest thing that has ever happened to me.
I'm trying to stay busy doing what little I can do to create a few things and keep my mind off the pain, jerking muscle spasms & cramps. 

If I could ask for your prayers once again that they accept my applications for financial assistance as this would be the only way I could afford to see the Endocrinologist. Please pray for strength to manage until I see the doctor. I would surely be grateful for your prayers and well wishes and encouragement as I battle this strange illness.

I hope to try to make a few Christmas decorations so I can decorate my little Trailer this weekend. My niece said she would carry my tree over for me. It will be fun this year as I have my two little shelves I can decorate too..

Have a great weekend!

Hugs & Blessings


  1. Sending many, MANY prayers your way Tonya! It must be just awful, please be strong and hang in there, I hope the financial aid is approved for you (((((BIG HUGS)))))

  2. It will all work out Tonya. God knows all about it, keep looking up and depend on Him for each day. I hope you have someone with you and are not alone. Please try to find someone.

    Love and prayers

  3. Tonya ~ wishing you well~
    you are in my thoughts & prayers~ keep us updated~

  4. Please take and care hopefully you will have the answers soon.

  5. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
    Bless you,

  6. Wow! It is so hard to really know what another is going through til you have been there yourself. I have not had your troubles, but I know how it feels to have no control over what my body is doing.
    The best thing to do is to get back that control.

    When I had cancer that was the answer. We may not have physical control of what is going on but we can take control mentally and emotionally.

    We can decide on the way to proceed once we know our options. So when you see the Endocrinologist he will tell you your options.
    And you will be able to tell him how you will proceed. :)

    Also, my new friend, however you cope with it is the right way for you. Even if you break down once in a while. Or yell or cry or throw things. :) It is ok. It really is. We all feel differently about things and there is no wrong way to deal with these kind of things. Whatever works for you in the right way.

    This comes from another friends blog: If God brings me to it, HE will see me though it.

    My attitude after I had the cancer was: I beat cancer, I can do anything. And I have done things since, that I was too scared to do before.

    I know that God helped me through it. :)
    Have been praying for you and will keep on doing it.

    Also I love your rag garlands and ornaments.
    Take care, Janet W (((BIG HUGS)))

  7. You know I will continue holding up my end of the prayer chain Tonya....Hope the spasm meds help between now and then so you can enjoy some of this holiday season....Hugs & Blessings ~ Robin

  8. Keeping you in my thougths and prayers. I hope that things come through for you with Ohio State.
    Sending blessings and hugs your way.

  9. It will all be O K soon Tonya because all of us out here in blogland are praying for you and will keep praying for you...Then when you are O K we will pray that you stay O K. My heart goes out to you have been such an inspiration to so many people and life just isn't fair some times.Keep us informed when you can and you are right about getting comfort from our fur babies..mine are always there for me too

  10. Good morning, Tonya :)
    I hope you are waking up today with the relief we are all praying will come to you! I will be praying especially hard for the financial aid to fall into place as well. I am glad they were able to get you set up with an appointment, just wish it was sooner for you.
    Enjoy that Christmas decorating! That's on my list, too. I will be thinking good thoughts for you while I work on mine. :)
    Blessings and Prayers,


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