Monday, December 26, 2011

Santa Clause was here..Wow was he ever good to everyone this year!!

Happy sunday to all my prims out there in blog land.... Did you see Santa? He showed up everywhere and he made everyone happy!! I had a fantasic Christmas with so many of my family memebers..some I hadn't seen in way to long.
Meet April and here kids, Jorden, Eathan, Abi, and Cameron. April lived with me for about 4 years as a teen. She's probably the closest of all my foster daughters to being one of my own. We don't get to see each other often but we talk all the time. She invited me to come spend Christmas Eve lunch with her and the kids this year and what a great time we had... We were having such a good time I totally forgot to take any pictures but she gave me the Picture above for Christmas! Life hasn't always been kind to April but I'm really happy to say that I think she is Happy and proud of herself. I'm proud of her too. One of her dreams was to live in a Big house & she finally got her wish. She has a huge house with plenty of room for 4 growing kids.. A steady good job that she's had for 4 years so life has finally come around for her. Thank God!!
I think seeing her smile and the pride in her eyes as she showed me her home, served up a huge Christmas dinner, passed out Christmas gifts she has found peace & some way over due happiness in her life.

That was the best Christmas gift I could have gotten, was seeing the glow in her eyes and the pride in her smile as we shared time together!! Not to mention all of the kids called me Grandma.. I never thought I would like hearing that word but even her baby which I had never met said when I walked in the door..
 Hey I know you, you're my Grandma!! I snatched him up and gave him a big hug and kiss and got the same in return...I was kinda shocked that he knew that but Jorden said ...Mom talks about you all the time and showed him pictures..
Smile... that was one of those warm fuzzy moments I talk about all the time that gets tucked in the memory bank for later...Hopefully we can spend more time together in the future...I would love to get to know all my Grandkids...

After leaving Aprils I went to my niece and nephews Jessie and Jason's house to celebrate with my Brother Jim & family! they just got there house last summer and wanted to host Christmas this year... The house was full Jason put it to full.. but it didn't stop everyone from having a great time, visiting, and opening gifts.

This is Hayden-Ricky & Gina's little boy and he wanted to open presents right now so I distracted him by taking his picture..
 This is everyone in the living room after dinner. The kids are opening there gifts.
Heather is holding the Doll Bed that I gave to her Daughter Skyler. This doll bed is part of a set of Doll bunk beds that I had custom made for Carmen when she was 5 I think.
I finally decided that it was time to pass them down to the kids in the family to enjoy...
It was one of those heart felt moments when you are sad and happy at the same time...the beds & dolls were one of the few things I have hung onto of Carmen's childhood. I hated parting with them but then I loved giving them to the girls to play with too.
Yep I cried..letting go is sometimes a little painful even when its a happy moment and it was, the girls loved them...

Serenty opening her half of the bunk beds & dolls. Skyler is helping...
Serenty put her baby in the carrier.
I made all the blankets, pillows and carrier for them when I gave them to Carmen years ago..
There wasn't enough room for everyone in the living room so some of us were in the dinning room.
 Rusty & Amber
This is Adrean, Rusty & Amber's little girl..
I got her a Barbie .... I think she likes it!!
Jessie is kneeling beside the tree... I didn't get a picture of Jason he was doing to much running around making sure everyone was taken care of... He told his mom, Peg. when it was all over with that he decided that his house is to small for hosting Christmas.. this was his last big get together..
Giggle..... his mom tried to tell them it wasn't a good idea with so many people...
Everyone had a good time even if it was really crowded...  

We left Jessie and Jason's and went back to where I live to the big house and had Christmas together with Brother Jim, Peg, Angel, Savana, Hailey, Baby Eathen, Justina and I....
Jim & Peg in front of the fire Place...
Savana's back and Baby Eathen in his swing!
Hailey & her mountain of Christmas presents!
Angel & Baby Eathen!
Justina & her boyfriend!

Finally around 10:30 I was exhausted and ready to call it a night.. so I went to my Trailer and hung out with my Kitty's ...
Christmas Day I went over to John & Laura's for dinner and gift giving..
Dinner was great!..Much quieter at there house...
I found John a History of Rock n Roll Book at the thrift store.
He loved it of course since he is a Rock musican.
This is John's Singing Taco Bell Dog!
If I get laura a new Quilt I have to get John one too ..
His smile says he liked his too!!
Laura collects Dish towels... I found her lots of cute ones..
Plus as mentioned in an earlier post I found her a vintage Quilt.
Opps...... I forgot to take picture of it...
By the time I left there house last night I was exhuasted but filled with tons of happy moments spent with everyone.
Santa was very good to me this year too... A new toaster, New Microwave, safety glasses, Money, Two Kroger Gift Cards, a blanket, warm fuzzy sock slippers and tons of little things you can always use...
I think I can say without a doubt it was a wonderful Christmas!

I want to Thank you all for the kinds thoughts and wonderful cards sent my way.. Ihave them all hanging on my shelf...accept for one which I put behind my fish tank glass so I could enjoy watching Goldie swim in front of it...yea I know silly but fun!! Goldie likes Christmas Too!!
 A special Thank you to Nancy who sent me the cutest Parie Doll, who promptly went in one of my Christmas Stockings...
Thank you Nancy she is darling and I lover her because she came from you my dear friend!

Now its time to clean up all the Christmas paper & boxes & take it out to the Storage.. so I can get around in my Trailer and enjoy my decorations that have been hiding behind everything...

I hope that you all had the most wonderful Christmas with Family and friends and that Santa was good to you too!!
Thank you all for being such a huge part o my daily are a special gift I do cherish and look forward to visiting with every day.... God Bless you all!!

Christmas Blessings


  1. Tonya, it sounds and looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Thank you for sharing your day with us. Happy New Year!! ~Karen

  2. What a wonderful Christmas!!!! You must be exhausted.
    Oh sweet of you to give the girls the bunk beds of Carmens.
    Blessings Tonya,
    Happy New Year

  3. dang woman you were a busy gal on christmas..but it looks like you had a wonderful time..:) have a great week..hopefully relaxing and enjoying the peace;)

  4. WOW! I am so glad you had a great Christmas.

    I hope you can have a relaxing few days here and that things go well with your appointments.

    Prayin' for ya. Take care, Janet W :)

  5. Wow....That's a lot of Christmas! Yikes....I'd be worn plumb out. Ours was very quiet by comparison - just a simple celebration at my brothers with extended family on Christmas Eve and then the three of us here on Christmas Day. Still precious to me. Hope you've recovered and are relaxing a bit....Have a joy-filled week! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. Tonya,
    It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas.

  7. Wow Tonya, it looks and sounds like you had a fun filled Christmas with family and friends!
    Thanks for sharing all your joy!
    Prim Blessings

  8. Wow Tonya..You must be wore out after all your excitement over Christmas ..I knew you didn't have a lot of room for things but I figured you would find a place for the Pioneer Doll..glad you liked it. Your post reminds me of when I lived up North and all the kids would come home for Christmas and I do miss doing that but we did have a nice Christmas with Nellie and I always miss her more when she has to leave. If I ever win the sweepstakes I will be hiring a mover (and packer) and will go back North to be closer to her :) It is kind of nice living here and we have a great LL but I miss the kids...especially at Christmas. Have a great New year Tonya....Hugs, Nancy


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