Friday, December 9, 2011

What Christmas means to me~UpDate~Shopping~Selling & the rest of the Hoilday rush!

Good Morning my dear Prim Friends... The Hoilday rush is upon us as we all busy oursleves with Baking, shopping, wrapping, decorating and yep even creating...So many of us find little time to remember what it is that started this thing we are all rushing around about..This thing we call the Holiday Season when we are busy making sure we have created tons of goods to sell and fill our bank with the money we will need to see us threw, or we go shopping to find the perfect gift for that special someone, or planning out Christmas dinner, baking cookies and pies, wrapping all of our gifts and decorating out homes...

What started it was the birth of Jesus...Our Savior Jesus Christ~God's only begotten Son~

Somewhere in the midst of the Hoiday Rush the meaning of Jesus Birth got lost.. and the Holiday rush took over.. As I was driving north Tuesday night for my Doctor's appointments and I was enjoying all the beautiful lights I was thinking and praying most of the way... that God would help me threw these troubling times. I prefer being single but there are times when being alone with out a partner or my close family as a part of my life when it's very hard especially when you are sick with no resolution in sight..
As I was enjoying the ride, all the pretty lights and praying I realized I wasn't really alone and most of all I was reminded of what the Holiday season is really all about. Its not the baking, shopping, gifts and decorating or making money but its about the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.. Its about the reason that God sent Jesus into our world and what that means to me as a Christain.
It means that I'm never alone, it means that I am blessed, it means that my sins will be forgiven if I believe in my Lord Jesus.
It means that when my load gets to heavy to carry I can count of Jesus to help me carry it.
It means that my loved ones will be looked after long after I am gone and even while I am here and can't be there for them the way they wish I could..
It means I will always have someone to talk to when my troubles seem so much bigger then me.
It means that when I feel as if there is no peace in my heart I have only to ask and peace will come.
I love Christmas and all the bight lights and pretty decorations, and giving gifts to others but what I love most is knowing that Jesus was born into this world as a promise that my god will always be there for me and for you.
For this I am Grateful and I am Blessed.

Update: the Doctor's appointment didn't go as I had prayed it would but God eoesn't always anser our prayers as we think he should. I prayed the doctore could write out a prescription for a pill that would make me all better..but it isn't always that easy is it?
Simply put and even tho I understand his reasoning It didn't make me feel any better or fix my problems.
My thyroid is growing and the doctor explained it to me like this. Tonya I can give you a pill to make the Thyroid work better but right now that isn't wise because your Thyroid is growing, we don't have the biopsy of the nodules so we have no clue what is actually going on so the pill could make things worse. We have to strat fresh with another Blood test to see if your counts are changing, we have to get a biopsy of the nodules, we have to find out if you need to have the Thyroid removed or if a pill will make things better. Whether you agree with me or not you have to accept that we have to find the best way to tackle these issues first.
He says,  You are a very sick lady right now with several health problems that all play a role in how each one affects your health and each other. They are all auto immune diseases that there are no cures for and generally speaking are only going to get worse.
What we need to do is to get you on the right path to keep them in check which will require the help of several specialist. Do you understand?? ha yes I understand but I don't want to hear that..but I listened threw tears and fear.. By the time I left he had set me up with a Rheumatologist at Ohio State and I already have an appointment with the Endocrinologist.
To make things easier he has already sent out my records to each so there will be no delay hopefully in getting treatment quickly..
Then he wrote a letter to SSI to try to help in the application for disability as he says that I need to try to get SSI as my working days are now limited if not over as I lose more of the use of my hands, site and deteriation of my bones. I cryed and cryed some more damn him I didn't want to hear that... and I sure the heck refuse to accept it even if I know its hands in the past 6 months have turned into nothing but lumps on every joint, the joints in my back & hips have deteriated, the graves disease is stealing my eye sight, the Sjogren's disease has shut down nearly all my wetting glands and as you know now my thyroid has gone haywire. All in the last 6 months..
I applied for SSI and need to get all my medical reports gathered up and sent out to them plus letters of referral and records from all my most recent Doctors and hospital visits. I dropped off letters to all my doctors and dentist up North yesterday requesting a referral letter to SSI for assistance and plan to drop off letters to all my Doctors and dentist down here today.
But I know that I am a fighter and I will fight as long as there is fight left in me...enough of that depressing talk...

Moving on... I did my usual stops at all my Thrift stores while I was up North and on my way home yesterday... Got really Lucky and got most of my Christmas shopping done.
Haily wanted leggins to wear with her dresses & Good Will had kids clothes & shoes  for 49 cents each..yep I went nuts buying Hailey her leggins, a couple dresses & some tops... I bought the new baby some baby clothes, found some baby shoes for my gatherings. Got 3 bags for $11 after my golden buckeye Discount...
At another Thrift storee I found a Little Tike desk  & Play Guitar for Iain $5, Slippers for Savana 50 cents brand new, A strap on Baby carrier for Angel brand new $2.00, Pot holders for Peg 4 for $1.00, Socks for Jimmy 50 cents each, 4 Dish Towels for Laura brand new 50 cents each. I got a lot more to much to mention but my van was stuffed with Christmas gifts, wrapping paper and gift bags craft supplies and my total for the day was $71...
I did good and feel like I am finally well on my way with being finished shopping for gifts.. Now to wrap them... Get the tree up and decorated.
this uear I'm going to decorate my Tree in Traditional decorations as I don't have all my Prin decorations handy. They are stored at Carmen's but I have traditional decorations here in totes so frigure I'll just use them...I got a few decorations at the Thrift store all I need to do is get someone to help me get my little tree in the Trailer..I think this weekend will be wrapping and decorating ...

Despite all I have actually sold a few things ...I sold 50 rag balls to one of our fellow blogers so I will be busy making rag balls this week... I've sold lots of Rag Garland need to make some more garland.. At least I cans still create those things..Takes me a while but that's okay...
I even have a few bids on Ebay so Thank god I'm making a little here and there ..sure nothing like my income cleaning houses all summer...

I must get moving much to do today... so I will bid you all a wonderful day filled with happy moments!!

Christmas Blessings


  1. Oh Tonya your post is beautiful up until the Dr.'s news. I'm so sorry the news wasn't better for you. My heart just sank to my knees. I wish I was there to give you all the help you need but you're right Jesus is there and he can send someone to help you. Keep encouraged friend.

    Bunches of Hugs

  2. What a beautiful post. We all need to be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas. He is our only hope in this ever-increasingly sad and evil world. Will be praying for your health and that your disability application will go through. Hope you get the right answers soon.

  3. oh Tonya, I am sorry to hear about the doctors appt..i do hope they can figure out what is making they thyroid grow and then fix it..I will keep you in my prayers..thank you for also reminding us what this season is all about..have a wonderful weekend..can't wait to see your christmas decor.;)

  4. Tonya,
    I am so sorry honey, but you know something? God is on his throne, and last time I checked, there's NOTHING too big for him! I am just believing in a miracle where you are concerned!
    You keep your chin up, and know that you are not alone!
    I am glad you got your Christmas shopping all done, I am still making some things, and some of my gifts will be baked goods, so I will be making some things soon.
    I am glad to see more people posting on Jesus being the reason for the season, he should be the main reason for all aspects of our lives, hold onto his promises Tonya!

  5. Tonya,
    I'm so sorry that the doctor's news was not better. Just know that God will be with you thru all of this. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. Best reason of all for the season of course....and I'm glad to see you make it so personal and real. Sorry about the distressing news at the doctor's - but, you know, he is right in that they need to know what they're dealing with before prescribing something that might just make things worse. Hoping you find some resolution soon. And hey - you're WAY ahead of me on the holiday decorating (except for the wonderful things I've won or been gifted with); no baking; no shopping; and no hope in sight.....Sigh....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  7. All I can tell you is I will be praying for you a lot and hoping we see you post with some better news. You are a special Lady Tonya and I am sure God knows that and whatever the reason is for you to have all these problems will end soon..I have Faith that things will get better soon. I don't have a nice GW near me like you have but I sure do make good use of the dollar tree. I think it is the thought that counts and many years ago you might get some coal for a fire from a neighbor or baked goods or whatever they had to share but times were a lot simplier then and there was a lot more "Christ" in Christmas. Keep your chin up and you are are never alone.

  8. Tonya the first part of your blog was comforting and words i needed to hear right now , and as for your news from the doctor im praying for you and have you in my thoughts and can get it all sorted for you , i had never herd of graves untill my mum was dignosed of it...

    warm blessings
    Heidi :-)

  9. Tonya, I am so sorry that you are going through so much with your health, especially during the holidays. But I think that keeping your faith in God will help you get through this. At least some retail therapy gets your mind off of it for awhile and hey, you have yours all done. I too love to shop at the thrift and goodwill stores for gifts. You can sometimes find goodies that are new or like new. My daughter and I both give each other goodies from goodwill or a Thrift store. You sure found all your gifts at good prices, great job. Now all you need to do is the decorating.
    Merry Christmas
    Country at heart

  10. Hi Tonya thanks for stopping bye my blog and becoming a follower , sadley my mum passed away 5 weeks ago tomorrow, im still struggling with it all, she had only just had her 67th birthday, and the day she passed here at home was also our daughters 16th birthday , erin wrote a beautiful poem to read out at her send off i think it was inportent to do that for her own peace of mind..

    blessings Heidi.

  11. Your first part of the post, so touching. The reports so very difficult to read. I hope you will get the help you need. I hope and pray your strength and ability will improve. Doctors help so much, but the Lord helps so much more. Count them a blessing, but consider Him as having all the answers. Your valley may be long and wide but in the distant hills lies your help. Keep focused on the help. It may be a ways off, but is not out of your reach!
    I'm happy you got your shopping done, what a joy to know that, you are a blessing to those you love!
    May He give you peace this holiday season!


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