Thursday, February 14, 2013

HaPpY VaLeNTiNe'S DaY! Test Results Update..

Awww that special day when we all get to wish those close to our hearts
                                    A Very Happy Valentine's Day!
You are all very close to my heart. Your kind words, your Friendship, your prayers when needed, your Sharing, your funny story's, & your creative ideas just a few of the reasons you are all close to my heart!

Yesterday just when I needed a big Pick Me Up a little package arrived in the mail.
I was so excited I totally forgot about my health issues for a few minutes.
I opened my little package and a darling little Valentine Angel slid out of the envelope.
Along with a wonderful note from Jean over at PrimCrafts.
Telling me she thought I could use a little Surprise...She said that she wanted me to know that I'm not all alone and that I am thought of often!
She sent me my little Valentine Angel to watch over me and Bless me always.

Wow Jean you have no idea how much My Little Angel lifted my spirits...
She is adorable! I hung her on my Valentine Tree right in front where I can see her.
Thank you form the bottom of my heart Jean for sending her to brighten my days and to keep watch over me always..
Your kindness is so what I needed and so very much appreciated.

I have received yet a second Valentine's Gift.This gift was a gift of a better life ahead.
All my test results came back showing
found in in the Throat or mouth, No Cancer found in the Breast!
Please join me in yet another Happy Dance!
I've been so worried about the results it was a huge relief to find they were negative.

I think Jeans Valentine Angel was watching over me before she ever arrived!

A Heartfelt THANK YOU all for your prayers.

I seen my ENT yesterday for my after surgery visit and to discuss the Tumor in my Sinus. I still can't talk for more then a few minutes before I lose my voice or it gets all squeaky sounding. He said, that I should have my voice back to normal within a month to 6 weeks. I sure hope so it sounds so strange and hoarse.

As for the tumor in my Sinus, I really didn't get much out of him as to what he plans to do. He said he wanted to speak with the Radiologist before he made any decisions. So I'm playing the waiting game. If they plan to take it out I hope they decide quickly...

Tomorrow I get my stitches out of my awful place to have an itch and boy do these stitches itch....
I still have the lump on my leg but its gotten smaller so I told my Doctor I'd like to wait and see if it goes away before she runs any further we're waiting a month.

This week Not much else going on for me besides Dr appointments and Physical Therapy...
I've worked a little in the evening in the shop but I haven't gotten much done but some sanding and painting. Like I said I just seem to have been unable to focus on things. Hopefully now that things are healing nicely I will get a break for all of these Doctor appointments and I can find some normalcy in my life...Boy wouldn't that be nice...

Time for Physical Therapy so I will bid you all Good-bye for now.
May Your Day be filled with Valentine Hugs and warm memories!



  1. How sweet of her:) So glad the test results for cancer were negative, hope you enjoy the day and don't over-do at therapy;) Happy Valentine's day!!!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day, Tonya! So glad you got great news from the doctors!

  3. Wonderful news after all the agony of waiting!
    So pleased for you, Tonya!
    I got one of Jean's Angels today and love it too!
    Have a great day!

  4. Great news Tonya. Thank the good Lord. He will take care of you. Continue to get better.


    Oh Tonya I have been away from blogging so long I've missed a lot here...I'm so happy for the test results...and I do believe that sweet little angel was watching over you. How sweet of Jean to send her off to you.

  6. Happy for your test results and am doing the Happy Dance with you...will be praying that your leg gets better.
    I know what you mean about the little things that lift your spirit. I went and got a body wave (perm) and now I can put the broom back out on the porch..:)

  7. Hi Tonya,

    I'm happy to have been able to brighten your day. I know you've been through so much and I just wanted you to know you are thought of often and wishing you good things.
    Glad your tests all came back negative. Now take a big sigh of relief and keep only positive thoughts. ;o)
    Have an enjoyable weekend!
    Prim Blessings,


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