Monday, February 25, 2013

Oh the Signs of Spring are all around us...Take a moment to check them all out!

 Just look at those Beautiful Green Flower Shoots Popping up to gather sunshine!
 God's first signs of Spring right smack dab in the middle of my Flowerbeds!
Good afternoon My Dear Prim Friends.......
Praise God its 50 degrees in the in central Ohio......Of cousre I had to go check out the Flower Shoots & my Herb Garden to see how they are doing again.
Plus I wanted to take a couple of Pics to share all the signs of Spring here...
Oh How those tiny little Flower shoots lift my Spirits and make me Smile!!
Even my Herb Garden is coming back to life..Not sure why the picture looks so brown but you can see some of the Fresh Green life peaking out here and there in the picture.
I'm really excited that the Herb Garden weathered winter so well. I'll be able to start picking sooner this year and dry more to use in my gatherings. I may even have some to share or sell if it continues to flurish! I'm really proud of my herb Garden.

Taking down the last of the Lawn & Barn Christmas Decorations today that were frozen to the gound. Get them stored away until next winter.
Time to Decorate for Spring and watch for the Easter Bunny!

Take a second look at those perfect signs of Spring popping up towards the Sun...Just like all of us we need that Sunshine.
Take a walk around your yard and check out all the signs of Spring!
Let me know what you see...
Many of the Birds have started arriving and singing outside my office window... I love hearing them sing in the mornings....
Time to bid you all a Great Monday, I'm going back outside to suck up all the sunshine I can!
Prim Hugs to all...........................Tonya


  1. I saw the first blue bird today. I am finding spring plants shooting up in my gardens to. Blessings! Lara

  2. we don't have any spring signs here yet but I'm glad you do. Enjoy the sunshine.



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