Thursday, April 21, 2011

Condo Cleaning Today~boring compared to My 1800's House!

Good Evening one and all.... I hope you had a great Wednesday!!
I'm afriad you will be disappointed adventures today weren't real exciting.. the money was good but when the house you're cleaning is just a condo there is something less motovating if that makes any sense.

I clean 5 Condo's total on the island...Luckily they're all different.. I would go nuts cleaning the same design over and over..hehe..One of them belongs to a personal owner and is not a rental so I can't share there home with you...
Today I cleaned the one above in the Picture 9A.. and I also cleaned the personally owned condo...

I am feelin the after affects of sitting on my bum creating gatherings for My Primitive Creations after cleaning three hosues so far...Yep this chic is out of shape...
Someone said I must be really strong to be able to clean all those houses...
Well in April I am like a noodle and feel as if I am gona fall over workin like that but by July I have built all my muscles back up and gotten rid of 10 pounds and feel pretty healthy...
Beleive it or not that's 1/2 the reason I still do this.. I'm over the hill and it is hard to stay in shape especially sitting in a shop creating primitive gatherings 6 months out of the year full time day and night...I love a good challange and I have said for 3 years I'm not going back then I gain 10-15 pounds and start feeling like a blob and a weakling ..then the calls start coming in asking if I'm coming back we need to schedule and I say yep I need to get this body back in shape...and I end up cleaning houses again...
Not to mention the money is better then great.. I am lucky/blessed.... I'm good at what I do and I'm fast by the time season really kicks in and all the rentals are filled weekly. Anyone who knows me knows I'm the only one who can turn my houses over fast so they are willing to pay for it... Thank God for giving me the strength to keep many more years I don't know....... but I figure at least until my house up here sells Once my house sells I won't have all the bills that come with owning a house and I can live in my Trailer at my brothers, create full time...and be a happy content Old lady...hehe!!

Tomorrow I'm cleaning another 1800's restored house... One of my favs to I will be pumped and ready to go in the morning...but for now it is time to put this tired lady to fur babies are already crashed one on each side of me.. they are so darned cute...

Good night my dear friends..may your day be filled with bright sunshine and happy moments!!




  1. Hi Tonya,
    I know what you mean. I've been working in the yard and spring cleaning and my body is so out of shape, it's revolting! It's been hard to get out of my bed in the mornings because I'm so sore, but I know if I keep pushing thru I'll be better for it.

  2. I know what you are saying, Sista! It happens every spring. I don't know how many springs I can get back into shape!

  3. "She works hard for a living." Good for you gal:)


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