Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Worst thing that could happen to an Internet Seller happened to me Thursday Night!

Hello to all my dear Prim Friends... I hope that you are enjoying your weekend and if your lucky it is nice and sunny where you are...It sure isn't sunny here in good Old Ohio...gurrrrrrrrrr
Once again we are haiving windy rainy storms. Knocked out the Electric last night and has been miserable all much for putting mulch on the flowerbeds today... I was so tickled I was out in the back field gathering up rocks to out around my Shop Herb garden and I found 4 bags of mulch stacked behind the barn. The bags were torn and sun rotted but the mulch was find so I scooped it up into my wagon and toted it up to the shop with plans to spread it today... Not happening, at least not today...

This is the weekend before I change to Summer mode of thinking so I have been packing everything that needs to go to the Island with me come Monday morning. I went to the grocery store, picked up all my needed supplies for next week...
The boat of course is not in the water yet so I will be staying in my camper until they get the boat repairs finished and get the boat in the water.. probably around the middle to end of May before the Holiday weekend...
Thank god I have a camper on the island it is to darned cold to stay on the boat yet... I told the fur babies we would be going to the island next week but I think they weren't paying attention to a word I said so it will be a big surprise and transition for them as well... It means mom cleaned there carriers because they will have to go in the carrier for the long drive North on Monday morning...It means there play area will shrink to camper size but they will adjust pretty quickly to the weekly traveling back and forth in no time...
Its a big job packing all the things I will need for the season but I've almost got it done....which means I will have time to work a little in the shop tonight and hopefully finish up a few gatherings to list while I am out of town...

Speaking of listing my items on Ebay.... there's a couple of really horrible things that can put a damper on a persons Selling on the internet but I think there is one that is especially the worst of the worst and will shut you down in a heartbeat till the problem is resolved. Can you guess what it is??

Well it is when you have just finished 5 gatherings and you're ready to take all the pictures and your Camera dies on you... I don't mean dead batteries I mean dies~stops working.  I got the camera out, pushed the power button and it came on and then it froze. It wouldn't power on or off, the lens wouldn't move in and out....basically it just stopped working ... Battery has a full charge but nothing, no on or off..dead..

So all the new gatherings I finished up have just sat there wiating on me to figure out what to do...being that I am on the broke side, needing to pay bills, pay taxes and buy my supplies for my Cleaning job I was stuck with no Camera so no new listings.....I tried to use my Cell phone Camera but it takes lousy Pictures so that didn't work.

Then I remembered all the bags filled with pop cans sitting outside waiting for me to take them in so I emptied out the van, put down plastic and loaded all those bags in the van, taking them to the recycle place... To my surprise #1 I had lots of cans, #2 the price for alum is up, so I made $40 off my cans. Then one of my clients I clean for down here called and said they needed there house cleaned so off I went to clean.
I had created some things for her and she paid me $20 for them so I had $60 for a camera. The cleaning money is bill money....

So while I was out buying all my supplies for a week on the Island I went Camera shopping..

Yeehaa I hit the jackpot I found a $150.00 camera on sale for $80...which was way cheaper then anything else I looked at...... It's a Samsung SL600. It is charging  as I sit here and should be charged by the time I finish up and I can go out and take pictures of the gatherings I finished up Thursday night...and hopefully the ones I get finished tonight. the best part is I only had to use $20 some dollars of my bill money to get a decent camera...

Meet my packing Helpers Skyler the oldest and Serinity the baby in the box!!
I took these pictures with my Cell Phone so you can see why that won't work for My Beautiful Gatherings

I don't know if you can see what Skyler is writing or not but she is Putting Fragile Glass on all the packages for me... she thinks she is so cool helping and especially writting her letters...

Thanks for stopping by... Have a great weekend!!

Blessings from my house to yours


  1. Sure glad you got a new camera Tonya - wouldn't want to miss any of them pretty gathering pictures.


    Ps luv your helpers

  2. Glad you found a new camera-sounds like it was meant to be! Do you stay at the island in the summer? We have a lot of summer island peeps up here in Michigan. Hope you have sun soon! ~*~Lisa

  3. Happy you got a new camera - I know what it's like to not have one and it's not fun - especially for a seller AND a blogger. Hope it takes good photos of your beautiful gatherings!


  4. Your helpers are too cute and look like they are having alot of fun;) I'm so happy to hear you were able to get a new camera!!! I need a new one to as i dropped it awhile ago and now the lens comes out sometimes when I turn it on and sometimes not but I think I can keep using it for a little longer:) Have a great day and stay dry with all the rain!

  5. Your helpers are adorable!!

    Glad to read that you were able to get a camera you could afford - great price!


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