Monday, April 4, 2011

Last surprise I received was back in 99~I got my SURPRISE PIF from Connie~Love it! Plus Another Surprise

Hi everyone....I have to tell you I've been really excited about receiving my PIF surprises. The last time I received a surprise was back in 1999 when someone dropped off a Turkey and all the fixins with nothing but a note that said, Thank you for being such a wonderful Foster parent.

I got word the first of the week from two of my PIF ladies saying my surprise was on the way... I was like a little kid checking the mail box everyday... I never get the mail my neices get it when they get off the bus...LOL...
Well Thrusday my first package showed up and I was so excited... I just held it for a bit and then had to go to the doctors and get my back cracked and then I went over to Carmen and Shane's for a Chilli dinner. I laid the box on the van seat and kept looking at it trying to guess waht was in it... I think I didn't know if I wanted to open it right away or not casue once I opened it the surprise would be over with... Now is that silly or what...
When we were sitting at the table having dinner I kinda giggled and said Guess what Carmen I got my first surprise packaged today... Its from Connie... Carmen got all excited and said what is it... ?? I giggled and said I don't know I haven't opened it yet... She gave me the weirdest look and said why not? So I told her..yea she thinks I'm a little strange at times...but she loves me anyway!! She was like go get Mom and open it lets see what goodies you got...

She gets goodies all the time but she was as excited as I was as I opened my package... took each wrapped little item out and laid it on the table...Then I started to open them and I loved it all...She Created a gathering from two old hand stitched Doily's. One is to sit the gathering on and the second one she Put in a Beautiful Primed Picture Frame with an old picture in the center. A Black Candle rolled in Cinamon that sits in a little bowl with rosehemp. A bundle of Drieds with a small Music Sheet wrapped aroung the bottom of it. A darling little leather covered Journal... I love the Journal... and a Small Angel note pad.  She clipped a slice of the lace on the doily off before she put it in the Frame and glued it inside a card in the shape of a Smile with a little note... I loved it. On the oustside of the card is a Picture of the is so pretty truly created from the heart.....which made it even more special.
Connie thank you so much for making my day special... you are a true Kindred friend.

If you haven't gotten to know Connie over at  Cabin Fever Primitives take a moment and stop in say Hi...

She also included a darling little laundry Bag Pillow that Carmen said would look really nice in her Laundry room...giggle... I don't have a laundry room maybe I might share it with her till I get a laundry room again...

Connie you are a wonderful Friend and I can't begin to tell you how special my surprise is to me...
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

I worked all afternoon packing my Ebay items to ship out tomorrow. I just finished up and had planned on posting on my Blog and then adding a new page if I could figure out how to do it.
Well Guess what I got another SURPRISE
The new page is already there... Carmen must have put it on for me sometime today.
Thanks Carmen made my day...

It was a good Day today... a very good Day!!

Warm Blessings to one and all!!


  1. Love your new goodies! I can't believe you waited so long to open your package! I would've NEVER been able to do that! lol

  2. Thank you for the kind comments girlfriend, it was a true pleasure to put a smile on your face. Glad Carmen was might still be shaking the box...
    Prim Blessings, Love your blog and your gatherings.

  3. LOL at Connie! She really loved it all!!! I MADE her open it!!!!!!!!!

    Your welcome for the new page Mom!

    Carmen and the Primcats


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