Tuesday, April 26, 2011

~PIF From Michelle~Simple Goods Show~Rain~Flood Ditch~Special Order

Oh mom those look so good are they for me?? They smell good Can I play with them?
NO get down right now!!
HUH maybe while mom is in there writing a 20 page blog I can come back and steal one to play with... Shhhhhh don't tell!!

A fine afternooon to all my dear prim friends... I sure hope you are being blessed with Sunshine in your day!!
For the first time in over a week we have actually had the sun peek threw for about an hour now.... but I can see the wind blowing in the rain clouds as I sit here writting this..but let me tell you just how good it felt to see sunshine... As I'm sure you can guess we have been flooding here again... I litterly had to dig mor drain ditches to get my van out yesterday...The water was all the way up to the tire rims.
so out I went with my boots on and my shovel in hand and started digging some drain distches... Then let it drain away from the trailer drive ...backed the van up to the higher ground and let it sit a couple more hours till most of the deep water was drained down to the road... Now I say most of the water because we still have a good 3 to 6" of standing water covering the yard and barnyard.
What a muddy muddy mess everywhere. Much of my mulch is not where it is supposed to be but Thank God my 8" deep ditch around the trailer did its job very well.

This right next to my door step--you can see how high it was from the mulch. My van was parked right next to here yesterday morning. Not only was the ditch full, overflowing but there was a good 8 more inches of water across the drive where the van was sitting.
Look at my Hens & Chics they are loving all this rain there have doubled in size in the last week.

See all the mulch in the grass...gona have to rake that all back into the trench...but that little drain off trench worked perfectly...Look at these Hens and Chics they are all poppedout of the mulch and look real good event he new ones I planted last week from Carmen's garden...

I love this picture the Chicken was in my little drain off getting some wormy Lunch..but she kinda sunk in all the mud...LOL...She tried to get the ones in the water but it is still too deep but you can see the wormy's laying in the end of the ditch...

You can see there is still water laying here where the drain off ends.

And its supposed to rain for the next 5 days with a little Sunshine here and there...Wehn you walk in the yard your feet sink down in the mud.. So boots are still needed..

Now on to the Fun stuff.. You remember the PIF back a while I received my last gift on Friday last week and let me tell ya... I am loving them so much... Talk about fitting right into the decor.
That's my favorite Dish towel and she created me Sunflower Bowl Fillers that just match perfectly!!

Along with with some tiny red Flowers so cute!!

This darling Sunflower Matt that I love.....!!

This adorable Sunflower Ornie that Tasha and Mama think is theres...NOT!

The best part of all is that I absolutely love them all and they match My Prim Kitty so perfectly you would have thought Michelle and Gina worked on these together..so I sat my Bowl of SunFlowers on my Penny matt beside my Kitty Cat....and I hung my Sunflower Ornie around my Kitty's belly......I just love them together... Behind them is a Vase filled with Sunflowers so it all goes perfectly together...!!

Thank you so much Michelle...You have no idea how I truely truely Love everything...just Brightened up my day and my corner...Carmen conned me out of one of my Sunflowers..hehe...She loved her goodies too!

Tasha absolutely loves the sunflowers in the bowl..and they both want to steal my Sunflower ornie...!! Imagine that!!

Saturday I went with Carmen to the Simple Good Show,.....My first real Primitive Show and I was just in awe is all I can say so so many cool things to look at that it was impossible to actually take it all in.
But I erally enjoyed it and was glad Carmen ask me to come along. THANKS CARMEN!!
I got some really great ideas and met some really cool people... One of the crafters I met are going to teach each other some of our tricks which will enhance both our goods... I can't wait to hook up with her and Share ideas.
I'm going to also teach her how to sell on Ebay she has some awesome things.... simple but really cool and I think she will do well selling on there!!
She does sell on Picturetrail. Her name is Amy and you can find her at:
Pine Grove Primitives   www.picturetrail.com/pinegroveprimitives

I haven't been in the Shop until last night for over a week so I am totally ready to make my way out  there tonight and sink my hands into creating...
last night I created a Special order for a customer. she wanted an Americana necessary Room Gathering..
I don't really do alot of Americana so it was fun to put one together for her I think she will be very pleased with it...

I think that's about it for now so until we meet again may your day be filled with Sunshine and happy moments!!



  1. Tonya,
    I know what you mean with all the rain. We have massive flooding here too. The river is well above flood stage and more rain to come well up into next week.
    I had to wear boots also to feed and collect eggs from the chickens. I laid straw down about everyday now just so I wouldn't sink in the mud. I really like the Americana display you made. It would go perfect in my bathroom.
    Stay dry.
    Country at heart

  2. LOVE that gathering and your sunflower goodies are beautiful! We are soaked here as well, I went out around the property today with knee high rubber boots on and STILL had dirty knees:(

  3. Your Sunflowers look so cheerie and summery...I can't think of 1 person that isn't sick of all the rain. I would love to go outside and do some hand decorating on fabric...It has been a real learning experience and I can't wait to do more. I will be taking the train to Chicago in June for my BD to visit my DD Nellie and we are going to hit tons of thrift stores...I would not like to live in Chicago but is is fun to go and spend time with Nellie.
    Heres hoping we have sunny days and no more rain soon :)

  4. oh that you got totally spoiled..I love love love all the sunflower goodies you received and Kitty looks right at home with it all..glad you had a great time at the prim show..we just don't have them here and I would love to go to one.;) course I would come home broke..but happy.;)

  5. Well, I am sorry for all the rain everyone is getting. I hope it dries out some so the farmers can start planting.
    We are still waiting for Spring here! LOL!
    I love all your goodies, they are SO cheery, just like you!
    Glad you had fun with your girl~ I like doing things with my Mom too when she comes for a visit. It's a special time.
    I hope you have a great rest of the week!

  6. Yikes...that's a lot of standing water - hope by now you are 'drained' lol

    Love the bowl fillers, mat and kitty....perfect together.


  7. So sorry you are soggy and flooded again Tonya. Hope it dries up a little for you. Love the Americana gathering.


  8. We need rain and ya'll need sunshine, too bad we can't ship some to each other.8-)

  9. You have had more than your share of digging trenches. All that water should be at the dock under your boat. May the sun shine on you soon. Cute chicken tracks. All your sunflowers are pretty. They always make me think of happiness. I always have to have a little yellow in every room. It just screams happy to me. We can not have to much of happiness. Blessings!



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