Sunday, April 10, 2011

I love getting my hands in the dirt~Check it out!!

Happy Sunny Sunday all my prim friends... i do hope that you all are enjoying the sunshine wherever you may be...I think I've mentioned this before but if you missed it heres a reminder...
We have had two days of sunshine here in good old Ohio... don't worry it will end to night with showers but at least it is waiting till tonight...
I have been waiting patiently to be able to sink my hands in the dirt in my flower beds and I finally got to yesterday and then finished up this morning...some places were still a little wet which made moving sod a little difficult when I dug up chunks that were big... But decided this was good since I will be cleaning houses soon and having to lift that big old sweeper all the time....
If you all remember I told you that it flooded under my trailer so I gave it much thought while I"ve been waiting for everything to dry out....

I decided the best thing to do was to put trenches around all the flower beds so the water running off the trailer would run down into a rock filled trench into the large trenches around the flower beds and away from the trailer. Also any water coming toward the trailer would run into the trenchs and away from the trailer...
See the rocks... I made a trench and filled it with all of the rocks that I found while digging the trenchs so it is probably 8" of rock. teh trailer has a down spout that runs water off the roof just above that rock drain.
See the bare dirt and then the nice grass. Well with all the flooding it make a total mud mess from where I had dug trenches to drain the water away from the trailer. I took the grass I dug up around the flowerbeds to make the trenches I dug yesterday and filled in the area as much as I could with the good grass I dug up. That rain coming will give it a nice drink tonight and it should take root within a few days because it was still pretty wet in tht area...I'm going to plant grass seed in the dirt area later today and getit covered with some starw so it can get a nice start after the rain..

See the little trench coming off the center of the front bed that is where all the water draining into the trenches around the trailer will over flow and drain it away from the under the trailer..
Do you see my two pine trees? Aren't they just beautiful?  Hehe they are my thrift store special two for $6.00 at the 75% off Christmas sale in Feb. I figured I can't have a real tree but what the heck I can have a fake one... Still need to get the lights off them...They spice up the look real nice and move easily so I can get undert he trailer...
If you look real close you dan see my outside Kitty sitting under the tounge of the trailer ..She was my helper all day long...
This is the back side of the trailer and the trench extends all the way back and goes around the back. Not totally done yet... working on that later today...
See the rocks on the corner another rock trench to drain water into the main trench...
All I have to do now is palnt my flower seeds and cover everything with mulch this week.
And watch it all grow!!
Here's a picture of my Chicken buddies Mr Rooster is over in the field so he didn't get to show off for ya...

It's been a good day today a very good Day and this lady is very happy with the results of her labors...
Break is over and they are yellin to come to dinner so I'm out of here for now...

Have a Great Sunday!!


  1. I hope the trenches work well at keeping the water away, we are getting some sun here in PA as well, even warm out!!!!

  2. That was a lot of work but great results! I bet you are so glad it is done! Have a good week!

  3. LOVIN that sunshine here too as well !!! Looks like you been busy and it looks good! hopefully the rain will go somewhere else! enjoy the evening and your dinner! fyi you should have a pkg from me any day now! hugs
    lil raggedy angie

  4. It is always a lot of work Tonya but always good results when finished. We have been trying to work in the yard but it is hard without our garden tools that are still in storage in AL. We are planning to go get it all the end of April if things go as planned...I can't wait and then I can work outside whenever I want. Your yard looks very nice :)

  5. wow Tonya, you were busy today..but it looks so nice and you don't have to worry about water under your the decor and love your kitty.;) now take a much needed rest and relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor.;)

  6. That's a lot of work! I wish I had your energy. My husband tried to run the tiller in the garden and there was still frost! LOL Pls post pics of your flowers when they bloom! ~*~Lisa

  7. You have been one busy gal. I hope this ends all the water under your home. You sure have put much care into it. I look for your flowers in the weeks to come. I see the chickens you have told me about. Blessings!


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