Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Early 1800's House Restored was my first Spring Cleaning today

Wow...I kinda thought that my adventures to Kelley's Island to work and Play would be kinda boring and certainly off the beaten path of My Primitive Creations and all that we share in our lives. I was so tickled when I got back to my little home away from home to find tha all of you found my adventures to be fun and exciting... Many of you asking for up dates on my life on my little Island.

For those of you who may not have been a follower or seem my post some time ago about my adventurous life let me give you all a little refesher.
As you all know I own My Primitive Creations by Tonya. I create and sell my cretions year round.
I also own a cleaning business on Kelley's Island. How did i get started cleaning houses on my little Island you ask...Well after Carmen was raised on out on her own and all my foster kids were gone I decided I had spent 25 years taking care of over 121kids it was time to take care of me.

You know do the things I loved doing. So I moved into the little house I bought in Port Clinton Ohio which is right on the shores of Lake Erie.  One thing I loved was being out on the water running my boat with the wind in my face and the sun on my back... I also loved going to kelley's Island with all my boater friends, going dancing, hanging out on the docks visiting with people meeting new boaters.
I had retired foster care and if i wanted to run my boat and go to the Island I needed a job that would pay ofr it all.
Thus I started my old cleaning business back up only it was on Kelley's Island Only. At first it was jsut a couple of houses enough to pay for my weekends on the Island..but within 2 years I had over 23 houses I was cleaning. some weekly some bi-weekly. So there was no time to go home which suited me just fine I loved staying on my boat, I loved the Island and for the first time in my life I was at peace with myself..

Basically I am on the Island living either in my Camper or on my boat 5 days a week after the 1st holiday weekend. I clean houses from April till November. Which if you think about it's perfect timing with the best selling season of My Primitive Creations.

Someone ask me where I keep my camper. I'm a true bartering person... if you do for me I will do for you so I traded cleaning for a place to park my camper with an older gentleman. My camper is parked in his yard year round..we are going to move it this spring and put it in the wooded area behind his garage which I am really excited about because there are deer that come right up to the camper and wild bunny's running around everywhere back there.
Someone else ask me to share pictures of my camper...when I do you all will get a real hoot out of it. It is an old 1987 Chevy Camper Van..Uglier then sin on the outside but the inside was in great shape. Its small on the inside but it has everything a Kitchen with fridge, a queen sz sofa bed, front seats turn to create a chair, and a bathroom. It also has a top bunk bed that i turned into the area for my Kitty's. they have two cat beds, litter box, food bowls & toys up there. Lucky Blue my Blue jay has her big cage up there as well.

Normally I only stay in the camper when the boat is not in the water when I am here but last year I stayed in the camper all summer because my boat needed repaired. My hope is the repairs will be done soon and the boat will be in the water by the first Holiday weekend.
So there you have my story and I'm stickin to it!!

Today I did my first Spring Cleaning. This house was built in the Early 1800's. built from wood on the island. it had gotten totally run down & finally someone decided it was worth restoring. It is beautiful ..they kept as much of the old as they could ..sadly much of it was to far gone to restore.

Here is the link to the house if you would like to see the inside of it.
Check it out it is worth the peek...
If you would like to check out my island here is the link to Kelley's Island Ohio
Thanks for visiting and sharing your excitement in my adventures... I will keep you posted and share more about my little Island as the summer gets going....Until then may you all enjoy my tales of adventure...
Have a wonderful week!!
Easter Blessing to one and all


  1. I will be thrilled to share your summer with you! I would love to be in the camper in the woods with my critters......
    I do find it exciting and adventurous!

  2. Hi Tonya! What a fantastic way to spend your summer in a beautiful place! I checked out the link and would LOVE to holiday on the island - I know my kids would love it too!
    Keep us posted!

  3. Sounds like the perfect set up for you Tonya! Who wouldn't love camping and boating all summer???? It's nice to know you're taking care of yourself after taking care of others all those years :)

  4. Thanks for sharing your story again Tonya. I was one of the ones that didn't know how you got involved at Kelley's Island. I did look on the internet and it sure looks like a pretty place. Have fun but don't work too hard. You need to keep us updated.


  5. love that house..saw the that porch...can't wait to see your camper...have a wonderful wednesday..;)

  6. I would be honored to share your summer life...very interesting and better than sitting here freezing and not doing anything. Keep the stories coming Tonya,,Now I am going back to check out your links :)

  7. Hi Tonya,
    Thanks for sharing your story with us! You must be very strong to be able to do all that cleaning. Can't wait to see more. Blessings to you and I will talk to you soon!

  8. Tonya
    Your story is very interesting~ sounds like you are living life with no strings attached~ doing what you enjoy~ Hat's off to you!!!
    Girl you go!!!


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