Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy Saturday~Life is soon to make huge Change for me!

This boater Kitty watching a Butterfly~

Hi my prim friends... I hope this finds you all having a great Saturday! This is one of the really busy times of year for me... As many of you know I own a cleaning business as well as My Primitive Creations.

Not only is it Tax preperation time and all the head aches taht come with that as you all know.
It is that time of year to start thinking about Tj's Cleaning Service..and of course I'm always working on creating year round... never a dull moment in my life...

Anyway I thought I would stop in and say hello before I head to the shop for the day...Tell you a little about my life that will change in just three weeks from winter mode to summer mode...
If you could see me in winter you wouldn't beleive the difference in my life. From November till April I'm happily tucked in my shop creating. I hardly see anyone or do anything much exciting other then create all the time and go Thrift store shopping, play around on the computer listing ebay items, selling and Blogging.

Then March comes around and tax time comes and I know that I have to start to revamp my life totally.
I have to think differently, change my beloved night hours to day time hours.. that part I hate as I am truly a night person... I have to get in shape..from sitting on my bottom creating day after day because as you well know you can't clean a house sitting down... Darn it all anyway...hehe

Then comes the planning and scheduling every aspect of my daily life so I can do creating, selling, packing, shipping, traveling to and from the Island and then cleaning 3 to 5 houses a day 5 days a week...sometimes 6 days on holiday weekend...
To some that may seem like a simple task but it is really hard for me to transition back into doing all that work and scheduling my every week, day and hour....I even have to change my grocery store habits.
In retrospect I think this has all somehow kept me young but it has also worn on my body over the past 10 years.

You see I'm a boat lady.. we harley ladies and so on and me I'm a boater lady or as some say a boater Chic..I love my boat with a passion most reserve for there signifgant other. She changed me and my life forever.. I love the Island life and all my friends on the Island be the boaters or the Islanders.
Boating isn't cheap by any means so I had to find a way to afford Boating so I started my cleaning business 10 years ago... this way I get to be on the boat, on the Island and with all my friends and still make money.
Thus every year I must go this life change every April...
This week I have been scheduling all my spring cleanigns and getting my summer work schedule all set up with my regulars... A huge task in itself... I need to make sure I schedule my houses to I can get them done before new renters come in and also so I don't kill myself trying to get them cleaned to meet my satisfaction... So its always a little crazy this time of year for me... mind you I am still out in the shop every day creating...
Finally finished up getting all the scheduling done I could yesterday so I am feeling a little less stressed.
I start my year the week of April 18th threw the 23rd and then I will head home for Easter with my family with my body worn out but my wallet full...
then I will have a week off and then the first week of may I have a weekend of cleaning and then two weeks off and then it is back to the weekly Cleaning schedule and on the Island every week until November.. with only two days a week off to do laundry, go to the grocery, create a few things to list on Ebay and ship anything that has sold...
Just thinking about all that makes me
All my critters go with me back and forth and generally speaking they love it... Tasha loves being on the boat dock chasing bugs or sunning herself in her chair... Puddles loves going with me to all my houses and visiting with anyone who will love on him and he likes visiting with all his doggie friends...Mama is still a bit shy about all the people but she does like sunning self in the back of the boat...

I take craft supplies with me that I can work on while I am sitting out on the dock in the evenings...I sew little dresses and bonnets, Pillows and make rag balls. sometimes I take wood things and sit out there sanding and painting them... This works out great because I can get my stock built up and have things ready to use when I go home and want to create a couple of gatherings....

All in all it is a crazy life but a good life and I don't have time to get bored or lonely in the summers because all my friends are around and hang out with me on the dock.

On my trips back and forth I stop almost weekly at my five favorite Thrift stores and buy things for My Creations... Get all my shelves all stock piled for when winter come around.. Makes those trips back and forth a lot less boring and I love thrifting as you know...

Now you know what a crazy life I lead... time for me to head out to the shop and do some creating...

May your Weekend be filled with warm memories..



  1. WOW! What a schedule. Have fun and enjoy.

  2. I miss the island life.We visited often as a child and I loved the water and sitting on the docks.Such a differnt casual life.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. I don't think it sounds easy at all! I think you are a busy lady! I am glad that you can enjoy your passions though, not many of us get to do that! I am happy that you can!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Wow you are a busy lady come Spring. Love your kitty watching the butterfly. Thanks for the comments you left on my blog they mean a lot to me.


  5. You do have a hectic schedule in the summer but I can tell you love it. I grew up about 1 block from the Mississippi River in a very small town. My hubby calls me a river rat. I loved it, as did all the kids there. We got to see and do things city kids couldn't even imagine. I still long to hear the sound of waves, lapping on the shore at night..... I envy you-boat chic!
    I'm getting excited to get my package. Just hearing about your process and reading others comments about what they've received makes me anxious to get mine!

  6. Life is what we make of it, we can sit and watch it crawl by or grab it and run with it. There isn't enough hours in a day or days in a week to experience all the things we dream of doing. Now, almost 60, I should be content to slow down, NOT...I will continue to reach for the stars. You go girl, life is a journey, you will travel down many paths. In the end, these roads all lead to happiness.
    Prim Blessings

  7. are 1 busy Lady but they say busy people are happy people.
    Will we still be able to see you posting in your blog during the summer?
    Please take a picture of your boat to share with us.
    I am really far from everything here but maybe I can make some friends in the area this summer.

  8. Wow~ I am with Betty~ what a schedule~
    I can't get my home cleaned in a day~let alone 3 to 5~ Oh my!Your just wore me out~LOL
    Love the cat pic~ so adorable!

  9. Well, sounds like you have it all planned out right down to the kitty kats:) on the boat. Good livin'!


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