Monday, April 18, 2011

Tomorrow is Big Change to Summer Life schedule Day & Newest Sneak PeeK~

Wow what a day... I'm exhausted just from getting everything packed up and ready to go in the morning. The killer is going to be going to bed early and getting up early and on the road by 9:30-10:00. Everything is packed in the van but my food. 2-Sweepers, 1 wood Floor steamer, 1-rug scrubber, cleaning supplies, paper towels, rags, clothes, Kitty and doggie supplies and toys, DVD player and DVD's, Craft supplies to keep my evenings relaxing, the Lap Top computer so I can still talk to all of you and keep up with my Ebay, the new Camera, a heater, Dinning Canopy and a cooler ready to fill in the morning....I think I remembered everything I knowing me I forgot something important...

Here is a link to all the rentals I clean on the Island if you want to see some nice homes check it out. My favorite is Above the Rest built into the side of the hill. Who knows you may decide to vacation on my island sometime!!

I finally got the mulch on my flowerbeds this morning and even planted some Corn Flower seeds... the Flower beds look real nice and I forgot to take a picture...

I'm pretty happy with the new Camera... Personally I don't think it takes as good of pictures as the Kodak but then again I may not have it all set up correctly time will tell... its kinda funny you would think you would just buy a new camera and take pictures but now days with all this digital stuff settings on a camera are sometimes so complicated...not to mention it is a bit hard for me to read all those itty bitty letters and symbols on the screen... I may have to take it over to Carmen's and let her set it up for me she can see things I can't..I get so frustrated when my dry eyes are really messed up and I can't see worth a darn..

I did make it out to the shop last night to retake some pictures with the new Camera and finished up two more gatherings... so will have some to list while I am off on the Island Cleaning this week... Maybe when everyone gets there taxes done and refunds start coming in business will pick up again... I'm counting on it ...

I guess that I best share the new gathering with you and get myself to bed...Early morning is going to come before I know it and I'm no good waking up in early morning only good when working into the wee hours of the morning... LOL...hardest part of that summer schedule is its one of those Early to rise jobs and I'm a night person...

So without further ado here are the newest Creations... Enjoy!!
                      ~Prim Rack~Basket~Bonnet~Dress~Gathering~
~Prim Rolling Pin Bowl~Pantry Gathering~

~Prim Apothecary Jar~Vintage Tin Pantry Gathering~

~Prim Rooster Pantry Gathering~

~Prim~Apothecary Spice Jar~Herb~Pantry Gathering~
Have a wonderful Monday!!



  1. Hi Tonya, those are some very nice houses. It would be a pleasure just to get to clean them.8-)

  2. Hi Tonya, I'll be thinking good thoughts for you as you try to get going on the new schedule. :)
    Your new gatherings look terrific! I think my favorite is the prim rolling pin pantry gathering. Nice work as always! :)

  3. Wonderful gatherings!
    Have a good trip!

  4. Your Gatherings are wonderful - you take the guess work out of how to make it look the way it should! ~*~Lisa

  5. Hope you have a safe trip! The gatherings are great!

  6. That little dress and the baby shoes are just adorable!!! Wishing you safe travels and hope you get the camera figured out, I'm the same way with modern technology, too many buttons and I am lost, LOL!

  7. Warmest wishes for the best of summers!
    I love all your new gatherings.
    I just smile when I walk by mine. Love it!

  8. Going to miss you girlfriend, keep in touch, good luck to ya. Love your new creations...
    Hugs and Blessings


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